Jul 29, 2018

Vans Warped Tour - Merriweather Post

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Merriweather Post

Columbia, MD


 The Warped Tour is dead; Long Live The Warped Tour!  For 23 years The Vans Warped Tour was a yearly Summer event which featured the best up and coming, as well as established, acts in the world of rock, punk, and ska.

 This was the last installment of the Warped Tour and it’s line up was much harder than how the tour started out back in 1995.  Continually for the last 3 or so year the Warped Tour has gone heavier and last years bill included Hatebreed, Gwar, and Municipal Waste among others.

 The weather was perfect for the Maryland tour stop, mid 80’s with clear skies.  This version of the Warped tour boasted an entirely new layout with 2 larger stages set close to the main road and random smaller stages spaced out amongst the concourse of the venue.  

 Merch Table highlights included a “Waynes World” parody shirt at the Unearth table, $100 stage used/signed cymbals at the Motionless in White table, and Palaye Royale make-up pallets.  Most merch was reasonably priced at all tables.

Palaye Royale are a straight up glam oriented hard rock band hailing from Toronto, Canada.  Before they took the stage their tour manager informed security that the band had a rabid fanbase and they wanted fans treated right.  Palaye performed a short 20 minute set and their style of old school rock n roll was devoured by the mostly female audience who clamored to get closer to the band.  The core of the band are 3 brothers, Remington Leith (Vocals), Sebastian Danzig (guitar), Emerson Barrett (Drums).  “Get Higher” was the song that set the crowd on fire and also the single that most radio played non-stop!


Formed in 1998, Unearth are a Boston based metal band and they performed an intense set which added aggression to the Warped bill.  Trevor brought hardcore vocals while Buzz played technical leads on guitar.  Unearth experienced technical issues during their set which caused them to cut one song.  The band have a new record coming out later this year entitled “Extinction(s)” and they performed the lead single “Incinerate”.

 Twiztid.  I can’t say I was impressed by their set because it was simply live drums with clown rappers BUT the audience seemed to enjoy it.  It felt like a low rent version of I.C.P. and they could have sounded better if they had a live backing band.  The smell of weed was strong during the Twiztid set.  

 Motionless In White brought their own unique crowd to the show and the daylight was not kind to the goth kids.  Based out of Pennsylvania and formed in 2005 Motionless in White derive their name from the Eighteen Visions song “Motionless and White”.

Motionless In White Set List:  Devils Night, Reincarnate, Necessary Evil, Puppets, Voices, Eternally Yours

 The Interrupters are a Los Angeles based ska band and they performed before Reel Big Fish.   It was pure genius placing both bands together because they are ska oriented rock acts who compliment each other quite well.  Reel Big Fish always deliver a solid performance and they opened with their set with a cover of “Take on Me” by Ah-ha.

Reel Big Fish Set List:  Take On Me, Asshole, Everything Sux, Hedfonz, SR, FU, Dance The Night Away (Van Halen cover), Beer, Sell Out

 Good Charlotte was the big surprise of the day and their set kicked off at 5PM sharp.  Good Charlotte are Maryland born and bred and their family, friends, and devoted fans filled the crowd.  This was the most crowded, most intense, craziest set of the day.  The Madden brothers brought their A game to Warped and churned out non stop hits.  “Life Styles of the Rich & The Famous” was the opening song followed by “Little Things”.

Maryland based Turnstile delivered an amazing set and their singer crowd surfed for most of their last song.  Intense is the best word to describe Turnstile's set!

 Warped Tour concluded with sets from Falling In Reverse and Ice Nine Kills which both ended by 9PM.

 Warped Tour provided music fans with 2+ decades of amazing tours, it will be sad to see the event end but on a positive note the tour definitely went out with a bang!

Author: Bob Suehs