Aug 13, 2018

Polaris / Gideon - Ottobar

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Baltimore, MD

 Polaris are an Australian based metal-core band with a unique style and sound that maintains an essence of older styled hardcore coupled with modern day metal/hard rock.  Their style is best experienced live and their fanbase was quite rabid when they performed at the Ottobar in Baltimore on a warm Monday evening.

 The venue was filled in decent and the pit swirled for most for most of the 30 minute Polaris set.  Polaris took the stage a few minutes before 9 PM and were finished by 9:20-ish PM.  The entire show ran about 10 minutes ahead of schedule and there were no “rockstar” attitudes or vibe when Polaris and Gideon took the stage.  It was clear that both bands were one with their fans as they interacted with, sang, and enjoyed the power of the music together.

 Polaris were down to just one guitar player and several parts were sampled to give the live show a thicker/fuller sound.  Most fans didn’t seem to notice the missing guitarist because the onstage energy level was so very intense.

 Polaris lead singer Jamie Hails is an interesting character.  He took the stage wearing a denim jacket and hid his face under brown curly locks.  Jamie led the band with screamo vocals while bassist Jake Steinhauser took turns singing clean vocals and I must admit that the tag team clean/dirty vocals sounded suberb together.

 Polaris ended their set and the crowd began chanting, “one more song!” but the band had to pack up their gear so Gideon could take the stage next.  

Polaris' debut LP 'THE MORTAL COIL' has garnered international praise from the metal community and this is the bands debut USA tour.  

 Gideon are a Christian based Hardcore/Metal act from Alabama.  The band does not preach onstage, there are no crosses, and they do not toss out bibles.  Gideon deliver a raw, lean, gristle drenched brand of Southern flavored hardcore and their set was 75 minutes in length with almost no downtime between songs.

Gideon's latest release is entitled "Cold" and was release on Equal Vision on May 12, 2017.  

Author: Bob Suehs