Aug 26, 2018

Clutch, Broken Testimony

Category: CD/Video Reviews



“Book Of Bad Decisions”

 Release Date:  9/7/18

 Maryland stoner rock icons Clutch are back with a new rock opus; hard rock with groove and funk influences are how I’d describe “Book of Bad Decisions”.

 “In Walks Barbarella” is a funky rocker and “Vision Quest” has a distinct 70’s vibe.  

 “Gimmer The Keys” opens the record with hard rock fury and a guitar tone that’s equal parts soul and treble soaked emotion.

 Most tracks start off with an off the wall noise or sample and every song on this record could easily be a single.  Most songs are fast, loud, and intense.

 “Emily Dickenson” is a mellow-ish rocker with a melancholy vibe.  This is the slowest song on the record.

 “Sonic Counselor” has a Southern Rock feel and a swagger reminiscent of Lynyrd Skynyrd.

 “Ghost Wrangler” has a dark blues vibe to it and “H.B. Is In Control” has a heavy groove.

 “Hot Bottom Feeder” starts off with a slidge guitar lick and this one has a Souther Rock vibe as well.  

 “Put Jimi Hendrix on a Twenty dollar bill and Bill Hicks on a Five Note” is the most memorable lyric on this record and off the track “How To Shake Hands”.

Overall this is a kick ass rocker with high highs and absolutely no lows.




“Holding On To Nothing”

 Straight up modern hard rock ala Breaking Benjamin, the latest release from Broken Testimony  is a solid rocker with a live sound.

 “Blessing” is the song that caught my attention because it has melodic vocals accented by heavy breakdowns and a strong chorus.  The guitar licks make this one strong.

 “Medusa” is a strong metal track, the clean vocals dominate this track while the bass/drums hold down a steady groove.

 Overall this is a solid rock record with hard rock groove, punchy guitar tone, and clean vocals.

Author: Bob Suehs