Sep 6, 2018

Dead Boys / The Ghost Wolves - Metro Gallery

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Metro Gallery

Baltimore, MD

 Original Dead Boy members Cheetah Chrome and Johnny Blitz are backed by Jason K. on guitar, Jake Hout on vocals, and bassist Ricky Rat.  Dead Boys 2018 are a tad less angry but just as snotty as they were in the late 70’s.  Interestingly enough their set opened with “Sonic Reducer” which is debatably their biggest hit due in part to Pearl Jam including it as a staple to many of their live performances.

 The Ghost Wolves are a 2 piece indie noise pop band and their opening set was comparable to The White Stripe with the 2 person band approach.  They romped through an interestingly off the wall set which filled the room with cheerful gloom.

 Chrome and Blitz bring experience and wisdom to the stage while lead vocalist Jake Hout brings an old school glam/punk rock style that’s reminiscent of early NYC punk.  Jake is a driven singer and his performance was a clear ode to the bands original singer Stiv Bators.  Jake drops to his knees like a young James Brown while commanding/demanding the crowds attention.

 Jason K. has been alongside Cheetah Chrome for several years now and his playing style compliments Cheetah’s perfectly.  Jason has a simply guitar tone and his influences are easy to read; early KISS & UFO.

 Bassist Ricky Rat is an interesting addition to the fold as his presence adds a dark glam vibe to what the Dead Boys do.  His tight groove adds to the backbeat that Blitz lays down.

 “All This and More” sounded strong and tight, “Not Anymore” was fueled by fire, and “Down In Flames” ended the bands set.  The entire band walked off stage and a few minutes they re-emerged to perform a 2 song encore which included “Ain’t It Fun” and “Son of Sam”. 

 Shortly before taking the stage for their encore Chrome and Hout walked to the back of the club to check out the room and ensured that the crowd was enjoying the show.

 As soon as “Son of Sam” ended all 5 members of the Dead Boys bolted off the stage and thus the night had ended at a few minutes after midnight.  

Author: Bob Suehs