Oct 3, 2018

Liz Phair - 9:30 Club

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9:30 Club

Washington, DC

 LIZ PHAIR Set List:  Supernova, Johnny Feelgood, Cinco de Mayo, Uncle Alvarez, Everything To Me, Blood Keeper, Never Said, 6’1”, Help Me Mary, The Game, Go West, Mesmerizing, Polyester Bride, Stratford-on-Guy, Extraordinary, Why I Can’t I?, ENCORE:  Fuck And Run, Divorce Song

 Liz Phair has always been the underdog darling of indie rock; her tongue in cheek lyrics about bad relationships and sex, her singer/songwriter styled playing; her quick witted jokes alongside her cocksure smile are things that make her live shows memorable.

 Liz took several years off from touring; in 2018 she returned to the road with an ambitious trek entitled, “Amps On The Lawn” which featured Speedy Ortiz as direct support.

 Speedy Ortiz is a fun, randomly whimsical pop rock act that surprised the audience with their unique brand of modern alt/inde rock.  The twin guitar attack had a unique sound due in part to how both musicians played; all songs were finger picked which added a rhythmic “Jeff Beck” like tone.

 The sold out 9:30 Club was treated to a solid 90 minute set from Phair which included the rarely performed track “Blood Keeper” which featured Speedy Ortiz singer Sadie Dupuis.

 Phair took the stage sporting black leather pants, a black blazer, and a black top completed by black nail polish.  Opening with the title track to her “Supernova” record Liz covered every record from her career sans “Fun Style” and the encore featured “Fuck and Run” with “Divorce Song” as the last song of the night.

 The stage set up featured fake grass on the riser and the backdrop was a pieced together fake lawn with random flowers. Liz’s backing band were superb and this is one of her strongest touring outfits EVER!

 “The Game” is a new song from her unreleased new record.  Liz explained that “The Game” was another song about another bad relationship.  She joked that she could only write songs when she was going through a bad relationship and the song itself was an acoustic driven, modern country sounding number.

 The show was over a little after 10:30 PM and it clearly took longer for the crowd to exit the 9:30 Club than it did for them to enter; when doors opened at 7 PM there were a hand full of fans waiting to get in and the venue did not fill up until just before 8 PM.  The show was totally sold out and by the time Liz took the stage it was standing room only.

 Liz Phair commented that the 9:30 Club was one of her favorite places to perform and Washington, D.C. welcomed the indie rock queen with open arms.

Interesting side note:  After Liz Phair performed her meet and greet/soundcheck she walked outside of the 9:30 Club and waited for a Cab to pick her up.  Liz stood outside for several minutes as the crowd awaiting doors to open watched her leave.

Author: Bob Suehs