Oct 5, 2018

Electric Six - Metro Gallery

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Metro Gallery

Baltimore, MD

 Formed in 2001 and originally calling themselves “The Wildbunch”, Electric Six are a 6 man group that’s released 17 albums to date.

 The band are an underground smash with hits like, “Gay Bar” and “Danger! High Voltage”.  Refusing to succumb to mainstream rock radio cliche’s, Electric Six perform an interesting combination of hard rock, surf rock, funk, and dance.  Lead singer Dick Valentine is an oddly amazing throwback to 70’s lounge singers while the bands current twin guitar attack are a best described as Judas Priest meets Elvis Presley.

 The Metro Gallery in Baltimore was ready and awaiting the return of the Electric Six on this cooler than usual October evening.  The club was filled with an interesting assortment of rock fans who danced the night away to the musical stylings of the Electric Six.

 The heavy guitar tones were rounded out by funky grooves with random jokes about the band being there to meet all the guys in the room and have a good time!

 Electric Six had an interesting assortment of goodies at their merch table which included shirts that parodied Dawn of the Dead.  

 Electric Six performed a solid 90 minute set and the crowd was screaming for more when Dick and the boys left the stage.  

 Dick Valentine is the only original member of Electric Six and this current version of the band is a strong unit with a solid core.  Much of the bands material is politically incorrect beyond belief and that’s definitely a huge part of what makes Electric Six such an amazing experience onstage.

Author: Bob Suehs