Oct 21, 2018

Garbage - The Lincoln Theatre (Night 1)

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Lincoln Theatre

Washington, DC

 Garbage Set List:  Afterglow, Deadwood, Temptation Waits, Wicked Ways/Personal Jesus, Special, The World Is Not Enough, 13X Forever/Tired of Waiting, Get Busy With The Fizzy, Hammering In My Head, Medication, Thirteen, Can’t Seem To Make You Mine, I Think I’m Paranoid, Sleep Together/Happy House, Dumb, Soldier Through This, Lick The Pavement, Push It, When I Grow Up, You Look So Fine/Dreams, ENCORE:  The Trick Is To Keep Breathing, No Horses, Cherry Lips

 Performing their seminal second record, “Version 2.0” in it’s entirety alongside all of that era’s b-sides, Garbage returned to the Lincoln Theatre in Washington, DC with fire, flash, and fury.  Performing 2 nights in DC, Garbage slayed the sold out first night with a passionate and powerful show that felt like an intimate story teller evening at times with Shirley telling stories of her band writing process, the performances, and the stories behind the “Version 2.0” era.

 At one point during the set Shirley commented that money does not buy happiness and she explained how she had met  rich and famous people through Garbage and those people  were truly happy.  She explained that the poor folks from her town in Scotland were way happier than most rich people she had met.

 “Wicked Ways” featured an interlude of “Personal Jesus” by Depeche Mode which surprised most of the audience.  “Sleep Together” featured an interlude of “Happy House” by Siouxsie and the Banshees, and “You Look So Fine” featured a snippet of “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac.

 Shirley looked like an odd mashup of David Bowie and “Mechanical Animals” era Marilyn Manson with her red fishnets, red bandit styled makeup, and black attire.  Garbage are ageless in both looks and performance.

 Duke and Steve on guitar compliment each other perfectly,  Eric Avery from Jane’s Addiction on bass adds a new level to the Garbage live show, and Butch Vig on drums brings a sleek groove.  The musicians of Garbage are more than accomplished and their credits read like a who’s who for 90’s rock.  

 The interesting part of a Garbage live show is the un-cluttered stage.  There was a minimal amount of anything on the stage oustide of the musicians and their instruments. Everything was ran through the board so there were no amps, few cables, and the biggest piece of equipment on that stage was Butch’s drum set.

 Shirley made the crowd feel like they were one with her and the band members interacted with the crowd throughout the night as if they were long lost friends.  Garbage is not a band of pompous rockstars, they are a band for the people.  

 Shirley announced during the encore that “No Horses” would be on their next studio record and that it would be released in 2020.

 “Cherry Lips” was the last song of the night and Shirley delivered an amazing speech about how the government had no right to tell a person what they could identify as.  She dedicated it to the LGBT community and to all the weirdos that didn’t fit in.


Author: Bob Suehs