Feb 10, 2019

Sevendust / Tremonti / Cane Hill - Rams Head Live

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Baltimore, Maryland

Rams Head Live

 Sevendust Set List:  Black, Pieces, Reconnect, Praise, Dead Set, Trust, Enemy, Angel’s Son, Shine, Thank You, ENCORE:  Dirty, Splinter, Face To Face

 Tremonti Set List:  Cauterize, You Waste Your Time, Another Heart, The Things I’ve Seen, Flying Monkeys, Catching Fire, Throw Them To The Lions, A Dying Machine, Wish You Well

 Cane Hill Set List:  Lord Of Flies, 10 cent, Ugly Model Mannequin, It Follows, Erased, Singing In The Swamp, Too Far Gone

 When Cane Hill took the stage a little after 7 PM the venue was filled in decent but not packed in tight.  Sevendust took the stage after 9 PM and they had a larger crowd; Lajon and the boys have always had a large following in the Baltimore/DC area!

 Cane Hill delivered an interesting set which saw the band performing in almost total darkness.  Shooting their set was a challenge since there was no backlighting and only stray tinges of overhead spot lights.  

 Cane Hill has evolved over the years and the act that Rock N Roll Experience covered a few years back at the Vans Warped Tour has morphed into a darker, edgier, more experimental act with a sound that’s hard to explain and a stage show that’s just as oblique.

 In all honesty, the crowd did not know how to take Cane Hill and much of their set was a tad confusing to the Baltimore crowd on this night.  Opening for Sevendust can be an uphill battle and Cane Hill did a great job despite the limited crowd reaction.

 Mark Tremonti and his solo band simply titled Tremonti tore Rams Head Live a new one when they took the stage with “Cauterize” which rocked loud, fast, and hard!

 Mark is one of the last modern day guitar gods and his legato infused solos layered the super tight rhythms that his backing band laid down.

 The sound for all openers on this night was a tad muddy depending upon where you stood.  At times the twin guitar attack for Tremonti was hard to hear due to the bass/drums being a little too loud in parts.  

 Mark is a truly nice person and his onstage persona comes off as friendly and personable.  Mark smiles non stop and his interaction with the band is only compromised by his interactions with the audience.  Mark is one with his fans and he does his best to make sure everyone leaves happy.

 Tremonti’s second guitarist, Eric Friedman, is a beast on guitar;  his axe work is on the virtuoso level.  Both Friedman and Tremonti are PRS guitar endorsed artists and their arsenal of PRS’s was impressive.  Mark used a custom model he created for the last song of the night and the guitar is an odd mix of an Explorer meets a PRS, Mark told me last year that the guitar is a project he started with PRS and that it’s a one of a kind that he’s named “Stella”.

 Sevendust took the stage like a bolt of lightning with “Black” which set the pace for a non stop solid 90 minutes of metal mayhem!

 Lajon has always sounded strong, soulful, and deep vocally while the rhythm section of Sevendust has always been the secret to their overall sound.  Guitar solos were never important:  vibe, energy, and positivity are the roots to every Sevendust song.

 The stage set was minimal, there was a large banner, a cool light show, a few smoke bombs went off,  but no ramps, no risers, and no over the top stage props.

 Sevendust and Tremonti are cut from the same cloth; they interact with their fans, make them feel appreciated, and treat them as equals both on and off the stage.  At one point a female security guard had a situation with an overly excited audience member and she had to use force to put him in his place and restore order in the pit.  Lajon joked that a Sevendust fan got his ass kicked by a girl at the show and he stopped the show to thank the female security guard for doing her job and not taking crap from the unruly male patron.

 “Angel’s Son” was the touching moment of the night; the entire crowd sang in unison while the band performed this moving song written as a tribute to former Snot vocalist Lynn Strait.

 The night ended with an intense version of “Face to Face”; the line, “Stop f**kin with my Head!” rang loud and clear like a battle cry as Sevendust closed the night with this angry rocker which celebrates individuality and brought the crowd together as one.

 Sevendust are currently celebrating 25 years of being a band and their latest release, “All I See Is War” was released in May of 2018 and the band will be on the road in support of it throughout 2019!


Author: Bob Suehs