Apr 26, 2008

Ministry - Ram's Head Live

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Baltimore, Maryland

Ministry, in my personal opinion, is the ultimate industrial metal band of all time...I’ve always considered Al Jourgensen & Trent Reznor to be the creators of that entire genre, & Al Jourgensen has always been someone I’ve admired on an artistic level, because his music & sound has evolved over the years, & he’s NEVER sold out, he’s remained full of rage, full of energy, & one of the most original artists in music to date!

Ministry’s farewell tour rolled through Baltimore & I had the chance to review the show, take pics & interview Burton Bell! If you see Ministry on this final world tour, there is a strict NO PHOTO policy, so I was very pleased when I was granted a photo pass & then when it was time to take pics of their set, I encountered an obstacle I’ve NEVER had to deal with at a rock concert..Ministry’s stage front is a chain link fence..literally, you have to view the band through a chain link fence, & it kinda reminded me of what you might see on an old movie, where a band is playing behind chicken wire ala the scene from the Blues Brother’s movie...anywho, let me tell you, there’s an art to trying to shoot through a chain link fence with limited lights, sooo, I think my pics with this review came out fairly decent considering the obstacle of a fence!

Al Jourgensen came out like a circus ring leader with a top hat, long coat, gloves, black Tripp pants & his trademark glasses, while Tommy Victor came out looking like a rockstar in the same style Tripp pants that Al wore & a black leather jacket with stars on it, while Tony from Static-X sported a Megadeth “Affliction” shirt & Sin was stage left with a Flying V guitar!

Ministry played a solid 2 hour set & the only missing part of the set was “Roadhouse Blues”, which WAS listed, but the band cut it from the set for some reason! During “Under My Thumb” they dropped a flurry of black & white balloons with the Ministry logo on it ala The Rolling Stones, & in all honesty, this 2 hour show felt like 2 minutes to me..I absorbed every moment, had a blast, & if this truly is the bands last tour, I will miss the band, BUT, they are definitely going out with a bang!

The show ended around 1:20 AM & I went home realizing that I saw history...the very last Ministry show that will ever play Maryland...I still believe there might be an Al Jourgensen appearance on a stage, here or there..it’s hard to get Rock N Roll out of your system, BUT, if this is the last EVER Ministry tour, the bands kickin’ ass & they are going out with a bang!

Author: Bob Suehs