Mar 17, 2019

Weezer / The Pixies - Royal Farms Arena

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Baltimore, Maryland

Royal Farms Arena


The Pixies Set List:  Where Is My Mind?, Nimrod’s Son, The Holiday Song, Blown Away, All The Saints, Here Comes Your Man, Death Horizon, Motorway To Roswell, Winterlong (Neil Young cover), Ed is Dead, Cactus, Mr. Grieves, Gouge Away, Rock Music, Head On (Jesus and Mary Chain cover), Classic Masher, Monkey Gone To Heaven, Gigantic, Graveyard Hill, Wave of Mutilation, Isla de Encanta, Saint Nazaire, Vamos

WEEZER Set ListBuddy Holly (Barber Shop Quartet Version), Happy Days Intro, My Name In Jonas, The Good Life, Buddy Holly, Thank God For Girls, Undone - The Sweater Song, Pork and Beans, No Scrubs (TLC Cover), Living in L.A., Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover), I Want You To (Rivers solo acoustic), Stand By Me (Ben E King cover - Rivers solo acoustic), Up The Beach (Jane’s Addiction cover), Beverly Hills, Island In The Sun, Take on Me (A-ha cover), Perfect Situation, El Scorcho, Africa (Toto cover), Hash Pipe, ENCORE: Surf Wax America, Say It Ain’t So

 The crowd for this show was middle of the road; hipsters, aging alt punks, soccer moms, and families alike celebrated all things 90’s alt rock when Weezer and The Pixies performed at Royal Farms Arena on a chilly Sunday eve in March of 2019.

 The Pixies took the stage slightly after 7:30 PM and their set was just like their music; simple and direct.

 The Pixies formed in 1986 and the core of the original band are still intact.  Black Francis (guitar/vocals), Joey Santiago (guitar), and David Lovering (drums) are joined by former A Perfect Circle bassist Paz Lenchantin who replaces original bassist Kim Deal.

 Black Francis looks like Kyle Gass from Tenacious D these days  and if he would bust out a cover of “F*ck Her Gently” by Tenacious D it could actually fit in The Pixies set which blends Alt country, punk, pop, and rock flawlessly.  

 Between songs the Baltimore crowd was polite, attentive, and quite mannerly.  Patrons were devouring $13 beers, overpriced bags of popcorn, and at times it felt more like a family affair than a rock show.

 The Pixies performed a strong 23 song set.  The Pixies are a clear influence on Weezer’s sound and experiencing these 2 bands on the same bill is a perfect example of cause and effect.

 “Where Is My Mind?” was a fun way to open the show and fan favorites like “Here Comes Your Man” and “Wave of Mutilation” sounded excellent as they echoed throughout the arena.

 The Pixies are the godfathers of Alt rock and seeing them in an arena made the arena experience feel slightly smaller; The Pixies will always be a “club” band in vibe and feel.

 When The Pixies finished their set a large curtain dropped and the Weezer stage was set up.  Before Weezer took the stage songs by Skid Row and KISS blared through the PA and that was an odd choice considering this crowd was NOT a cock rock crowd!

 Weezer performed a Barber shop quartet version of “Buddy Holly” on a tiny mini stage in front of the main stage; it was impressive to hear the band sing acapella, the audience was stunned.

 The “Happy Days” theme played immediately after the Barber Shop quartet and the members of Weezer changed outfits so they could take the stage to rock out with the opening track, “My Name is Jonas”.

 Silver Glittery guitars, big choruses, emo lyrics, and nerd ascetics were the flavor of the night as Rivers and the boys performed an interesting mix of classic Weezer alongside a bevy of interesting covers.

 Weezer performed a 22 song set; 6 were covers.  On the backdrop was an ode to the bands influences which included a KISS Dynasty poster and a Quiet Riot Metal Health poster.

 “Buddy Holly” was performed surprisingly early in the set and one of the highlights of the show.

 Rivers sported a black button up shirt covered in stars & silver nail polish,  drummer Patrick Wilson looked like he was having the time of his life as he kept the beats flowing.   Rhythm guitarist Brian Bell looks like the odd man out with his long hair and slighly less “nerdy” presence while bassist Scott Shiner is a deliverer of grooves and rhythmic patterns.

 Weezer’s set was fun, all encompassing, and delivered the hits with a few deep cuts.  Rivers is reminiscent of Ric Ocasek and that statement is ironic considering Mr. Ocasek produced the first Weezer record!

 All in all this was a fun night of family oriented rock and for those who claim that rock is dead, this show was close to sold out with fans that ranged in age from 5 - 55!

Author: Bob Suehs