Mar 27, 2019

KISS - Madison Square Garden

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New York

Madison Square Garden


KISS Set List:  Detroit Rock City, Shout It Out Loud, Deuce, Say Yeah, I Love It Loud, Heaven’s On Fire, War Machine (Gene Breathes Fire), Lick It Up, Dr. Love, 100,000 Years, Drum Solo, Cold Gin, Guitar Solo, Gene Blood, God of Thunder, Psycho Circus, Let Me Go Rock n Roll, (Paul goes into crowd), Love Gun, I Was Made For Lovin’ You, Black Diamond, ENCORE: Beth, Do You Love Me, Rock N Roll All Nite


 The big question on everyone’s collective mind was, “Would Ace or Peter join KISS for their homecoming show?”  The answer was a very simple No!  Paul, Gene, Tommy, and Eric performed for the last time EVER at a sold out Madison Square Garden and the band truly went out on top.

 The New York crowd lined up early to experience the final KISS performance which was their 15th at the venue.  The crowd was filled with families which had three generations of KISS fans clamoring for one last chance to see their heroes.

 Artist David Garibaldi opened the show by painting 3 pictures.  The first was Ozzy, the second was Bruce Springsteen, the third was KISS with the Statue of Liberty in the middle.  David paints in a way that’s part rock n roll, part abstract art.  His style is Bob Ross on Acid and on paper it may seem odd to have a painter open for KISS but when you experience the visual display that is Garibaldi’s art it all makes sense.  The KISS painting will be for sale at a later date and sales will go to charity.

 A large black curtain covered the stage with a massive KISS logo and as soon as the intro of, “You Wanted the Best…” was spoken the crowd went crazy as the members of KISS took the stage.

 KISS opened with a flashy version of “Detroit Rock City” which saw them lowered to the stage by space age stage sleds.  Paul is the epitome of a rock n roll showman and his attitude, energy, and showmanship is untouchable.

 During “Detroit Rock City” Paul sang, “The Radio’s the only Light, Tonight’s our last tour!” and made it a point throughout the night to thank the hometown crowd for making their dreams come true.

 Gene will always be the God of Thunder and his ominous presence was amplified by blood spitting and fire breathing.

 Tommy Thayer has grown into his role as KISS guitarist over the years and his presence onstage as well as his playing make him a vital asset to KISS.

 Eric Singer is the backbone of KISS and his drumming prowess is far superior to original drummer Peter Criss’s.  Prior to the show Lydia Criss met fans at a corner bar called Stout.  Criss singed copies of her book which she sold for $40 as well as 8X10’s of her and Peter for $10.

 During “Love Gun” Paul flew out to a small stage set up in the back of the venue and he stayed out there until the end of “I Was Made For Lovin’ You”.

 “God of Thunder” was perhaps the most visual moment of the set and not only featured Gene spitting blood but also featured a macabre array of Gene images bloodied thus creating a horror show onstage.

 The Encore started with a piano rising from the stage with Eric Singer behind it.  “Beth” was the tender moment of the show and where most fans had hoped to see Peter rejoin the band but alas it was not meant to be.

 “Do You Love Me” was a barrage of flying KISS balloons and the nights closer was the rock n roll national anthem, “Rock N Roll All Nite”.  By the time the show ended the entire floor of the venue was covered in red & white confetti.

 Interesting sidenote regarding this show.  There was a NYC only Madison Square Garden shirt which sold completely out by the end of the night as well as a limited edition 350 copies only Holographic Lithograph which was hand numbered for $40.

The KISS tour resumes on Friday night in Philly at the Wells Fargo Center and Rock N Roll Experience will be there to bring you another exclusive review.  


This may be KISS' farewell tour but in all honesty it's a true celebration of the bands history, legacy, and accomplishments.  KISS are a band for the people, by the people and their mark on culture will live on for decades to come.


Gene makes it Hotter Than Hell in New York City on March 27, 2019

The EXCLUSIVE New York Only Madison Square Gardens Poster

From The pre-show party at NYC bar Stout with Lydia Criss.


Author: Bob Suehs