Mar 29, 2019

KISS - Wells Fargo Center

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Wells Fargo Center


KISS Set List:  Detroit Rock City, Shout It Out Loud, Deuce, Say Yeah, I Love It Loud, Heaven’s On Fire, War Machine (Gene Breathes Fire), Lick It Up, Dr. Love, 100,000 Years, Drum Solo, Cold Gin, Guitar Solo, Gene Blood, God of Thunder, Psycho Circus, Let Me Go Rock n Roll, (Paul goes into crowd), Love Gun, I Was Made For Lovin’ You, Black Diamond, ENCORE: Beth, Do You Love Me, Rock N Roll All Nite

 KISS slayed New York 2 days prior at the historic Madison Square Garden; Philadelphia was next on the monstrous “End of the Road” tour and Gene, Paul, Tommy, and Eric did not let the KISS Army down!  

 Artist David Garibaldi opened the show and his wild approach to painting was an interesting opening choice for KISS.  The crowd seemed to enjoy his 30 minute performance set.

 A large black curtain covered the stage with a massive KISS logo as it does every night.  Led Zeppelin’s “Rock And Roll” has been the intro every night of this tour.   Once the announcer screamed, “Ok Philadelphia, You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best….The Hottest Band In The World, KISS!” the crowd went apeshit and the four Rock N Roll Superheroes known as KISS ascended to the stage via space age rocket stages.

The show started 30 minutes behind schedule due to the KISS Meet and Greets running a bit over the scheduled time.  This overlap also caused the show to end at 11:30 PM.

 “Detroit Rock City” opened the show with a flurry of flash and passion.  Paul Stanley commanded every eye in the room look at him while Tommy, Gene, and Eric held down the musical end of the song.

 “Shout It Out Loud” was the 2nd song in the set and an anthemic crowd pleaser which kept the upbeat energy flowing.  This is KISS’ farewell tour and they are definitely going out with a bang!

 Gene has definitely stepped up in the singing department which offers Stanley a needed break throughout the set.  Yes, there are moments where the band seems to be utilizing some “Vocal enhancements” but to be honest with you, the KISS experience was never about superb musicianship, this is a band of performance artists who play rock n roll.  

 Paul Stanley is not a ham, he’s the entire Pig and his energy onstage has not slowed down one bit!  Tommy Thayer is the secret weapon of KISS, his guitar work captures the essence of classic KISS while also adding a tighter playing style.  At times you could hear rambunctious fans screaming “Ace F**kin’ Frehley”, the sad fact is that Tommy is a superior player to Frehley. 

 “Let Me Go Rock N Roll” features a cool little “Zeppelin” styled jam at the end which gives Stanley, Simmons, and Thayer a moment to noodle on their instruments and offer fans an unreleased jam.

 Gene’s blood spitting before “God of Thunder” and fire breathing after “War Machine” are staples to every KISS performance.

 Paul asked the crowd if they “Wanted him out there.” and with a few cheers the Star Child flew out to a mini stage for fevered renditions of “Love Gun” and “I Was Made For Lovin’ You”.

 “Black Diamond” was an epic closer to the set and saw Eric Singer utilizing a drum riser ala old school Alive 2 era KISS.

 “Beth” started the encore with Eric solo on piano.  “Do You Love Me” was an interesting choice as the nights next to last song.  “Rock N Roll All Nite” was a barrage of confetti and was the nights last song.  Paul smashed a guitar which was available for purchase after the show and a recorded version of “God Gave Rock N Roll To You” played as “KISS Loves Philly” flashed on the jumbo screen.

 Random sidenote:  Gene spit a crazy amount throughout both the New York and Philly shows which made fans ask, why is Gene spitting so much?  Look at the photo below and you can see spit/drool pouring out of Gene’s mouth; this happened throughout the entire show!


Author: Bob Suehs