Apr 11, 2019

Michael Schenker slams Rudolph Schenker

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Today’s (4/11/19) Eddie Trunk show on Sirius XM Trunk featured a call-in interview with Michael Schenker.  It’s no secret that Michael and his brother have been feuding for many years now.  When Trunk asked if the feud was over Michael replied with: 

 Michael Schenker:  “Rudolph is a wolf in sheep clothing, I have to stay away from him as far as I can if I want to protect myself and that’s what I do.  I have no bad feelings, I have no bitterness, that’s the last thing I’d do, poison myself, I didn’t create this, it’s between him and his creator.  We live apart, him on one side of the planet and me on the other side for almost a half a century so there shouldn’t be any problem.  The point is, you have to protect yourself if there’s a possibility of being set up and I know already, the moment I connect with him I’m already in the same pit, it’s like setting me up over and over.  I don’t wanna be there, I follow my own vision, I’ve helped him.  If he has to take advantage of his little brother and do things that he has done that’s too bad but it doesn’t really, he does what he does and I do what I do.  Basically, I just have to stay away from him and that works just fine that way I’ll be protected.”

 Trunk:  And a lot of this is, as you’ve said in the past,  over song writing credits and how you were credited for the work you did on “Love Drive”, right?

 Michael Schenker:  “It’s Not just that, it’s like I said, Rudolph is a wolf in sheep’s clothing."

 Audio snippet posted below:

Author: Bob Suehs