Oct 1, 2009

Dale Crover (Melvins) - Interview 2009

An interview with Dale Crover from The Melvins
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Rock N Roll Experience: So how did Shrinebuilder start as a band?

Dale Crover: Al & Wino were the guys that started it & I think for a while they had the drummer from Ohm play with them but then he kinda quit or didn't want to play anymore & they called me up.

Rock N Roll Experience: You're always so busy with The Melvins, I'm surprised you had time to play with Shrinebuilder.

Dale Crover: Yeah, well, we recorded that record pretty quickly, it was 3 days of tracking & it was quick...this tour is only like 5 shows & The Melvins are going to Europe next week.

Rock N Roll Experience: Is The Melvins bigger overseas than they are in the US?

Dale Crover: Nah, we're about the same...it's about the same every place.

Rock N Roll Experience: How was the Down tour?

Dale Crover: It was actually good, those guys are super nice & they are actually one of the nicer bands that we've toured with...we were the openers.

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you have any cool Phil Anselmo stories from the Down tour?

Dale Crover: He was fairly mellow the whole time, I don't know, he's kinda a funny guy, but he was alright...all of those guys are super nice.

Rock N Roll Experience: You've been around the music business your entire life & done some amazing things...Have you ever considered writing a book about your life?

Dale Crover: (laughs) No....I don't think I'd do something like that, but Buzz actually has some kinda book that he wants to do, he's just got to find somebody to do it...it's pretty good, it's like a compilation of letters that he sent home that he edited...his wife saved all these letters he'd written & after he went through a bunch of them he was like, "This is really funny!" because it talks about stuff like when we toured with KISS, opening for White Zombie & just the hassles we had & things.

Rock N Roll Experience: You were a big KISS fan, so opening for KISS had to be amazing, right?

Dale Crover: Yeah, it was pretty funny. It was really good to do, they were actually nice & it was funny seeing the whole thing from that...Gene (Simmons) came into our dressing room once in full make up before he went onstage & he goes, "How you guys doing?" & it's so weird when you talk like that when you're dressed up like that. It was like, who would have thought we'd be standing there talking to him (Gene Simmons) & we were looking at his costume & it's like, that's the original one, because all the studs on it are all rusty & stuff & those are the real costumes, they didn't remake them or anything, & he was like, "Looks Like they are treating you good in here..did you hear that Smashing Pumpkins keyboard player died?"

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you ever get sick of people asking you about Nirvana?

Dale Crover: I don't know, you know, people are gonna ask about that stuff, it's history. I just did an interview with Krist Novaselic, so...

Rock N Roll Experience: Can you tell describe what the Shrinebuilder live experience is like?

Dale Crover: Playing mostly songs from our new record, we've got a couple of new things that we've worked out recently so we have a longer set without just playing the new record, it sounds kinda like what you'd figure the band will sound like, equal parts of each band that we're all in, so...

Author: Bob Suehs