Apr 19, 2019

Knocked Loose - Soundstage

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Baltimore, Maryland



Knocked Loose Set List:  By The Grave, All My Friends, Oblivion’s Peak, Damned Earth, Dead Ringer, Blood Will Have Blood, The Gospel, Mistakes Like Fractures, No Thanks, Fetish, Rain, Last Words, Billy No Mates, ENCORE:  Counting Worms


 Hardcore was alive and well in downtown Baltimore on a muggy April evening when Kentucky based Knocked Loose brought their extreme stage show to Baltimore Soundstage.

There were no rockstars, no attitudes, no egos, and no B.S. at this show.  Everyone was equal and at first glance the show may have seemed violent BUT infact this show all about equality.  No Race, No Gender, No Religion, just loud, intense music to bring the masses together.

 Harm’s Way took the stage a little after 7 PM and their set was intense just like their lead singer’s physique.  Formed in 2006, Harm’s Way are Chicago natives and straight edge.  The band are currently on tour in support of their critically acclaimed Metal Blade records release “Posthuman”.  Style wise the band blend death metal with elements of industrial to create a sound that’s equal parts Hatebreed and Godflesh.

 Harm’s Way fit the bill perfectly and the crowd clearly enjoyed their set.

 The Acacia Strain were direct support for this tour and their set was nothing short of powerful and to the point.  Formed in 2001, The Acacia Strain came out fierce and furious with a set that offered nothing short of raw power.  Frontman Vincent Bennett is the sole original member of The Acacia Strain and his heavily tattooed frame was a constant blur of movement as the band churned out grungy riffage at break neck volumes.

 The Acacia Strain have been known for their parody shirt designs and on this tour the band offered fans a Type O Negative styled shirt as an ode to the goth rock legends from NYC.

 Knocked Loose were the star of this evening and their set was sheer insanity.  The band took the stage at 10:15 PM and were finished by 11:05 PM.  

The bulk of the bands on this bill were Straight Edge and the lack of alcohol consumption added extra energy to the band performances.

 Lead screamer Bryan Garris is an unassuming frontman with a voice that’s rather high for screamo; the higher range is what makes him unique and standout in this genre.

Clearly influenced by Every Time I Die, Knocked Loose never let up during their performance and the mosh pit/crowd surfing only stopped when the band left the stage.

 Isaac Hale and Cole Crutchfield share the dual guitar roles quite well; Hale delivers flavored lead licks randomly while Cole crushes it on rhythm.

 The crowd offered just as much intensity as the band did which created an equality throughout the room.  There was no barricade, ALL fans were invited onstage to stage dive and interact with the bands, and the interesting side note was that there were NO fights in the crowd.   Security had their hands filled keeping the monitors onstage and making sure stage was clean from spills, but there were no fights, no drunk and belligerent concert goers, and the crowd was rowdy while the bands performed but extremely mannerly and respectful of each other throughout the show.

Author: Bob Suehs