Apr 25, 2019

Overkill / Death Angel - Soundstage

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Baltimore, Maryland



OVERKILL Set List:  Intro, Last Man Standing, Electric Rattlesnake, Hello From The Gutter, Elimination, Deny The Cross, Head On A Pin, Necroshine, Under One, Bastard Nation, Mean Green Killing Machine, Feel The Fire, Rotten To The Core, ENCORE:  Ironbound, Fuck You/Welcome To The Garden State


 80’s Thrash metal legends Overkill are still alive and well in 2019.  Bassist D.D. Verni and singer Bobby Ellsworth are the sole original members.  The current line up of Overkill features former Shadow’s Fall drummer Jason Bittner with Dave Linsk and Derek Tailer covering the guitar duties.

 “The Wings of War” was released on February 22, 2019 and is Overkill’s 19th studio release.

 Bay Area Thrash legends Death Angel were direct support for Overkill and the current line up features founding members Rob Cavestany (guitar) and Mark Osegueda (Vocals) with Ten Aguilar (Rhythm guitar), Will Carroll on drums, and Damien Sisson on bass.

 Death Angel have a new release entitled, “Humanicide” which is their ninth studio release and will hit stores on May 31, 2019.

 Formed in 1982, Death Angel were a major part of the early Cali Thrash Metal scene which spawn Metallica and Slayer.  The band has kept their ravenous style alive without any signs of mellowing; lead singer Mark Osegueda is reminscent of Testament singer Chuck Billy at times and his vocals sound strong and intense.

 Lead guitarist Rob Cavestany is a beast on his instrument and his fingers moves just as fast as his long dark hair does while he headbangs.  Rob used white ENGL cabs onstage and his tone was amazing.

 Death Angel delivered a solid hour long set which slayed the Baltimore crowd and also primed the room for the onslaught of thrash metal which was coming shortly from New Jersey metal icons Overkill.

 Bobby “Blitz” is a thrash metal version of Robert Plant.  His vocals sound amazing for his age and the band shows very little signs of slowing down.

 The Overkill set list featured a few new songs from their “The Wings of War” record.  The new material mixed in well with classics like, “Elimination” and “Hello From The Gutter” quite well.

 The crowd was an interesting mix of young and old and Bobby made sure to thank the crowd repeatedly for supporting Overkill throughout the years.

 At the Overkill merch table used rubber gloves and an empty Frito bag were for sale; I was not sure if this was a joke of legit but the picture below shows the aforementioned items.

 Rhythm guitarist Derek Tailer is an animated character and his interaction with the crowd is uncanny.  Derek seemed to enjoy throwing guitar picks at security guards as they assisted crowd surfers throughout the night.

 All in all this was an epic night of old school thrash metal with Overkill and Death Angel delivering strong sets to a packed room.  The mosh pit was rabid for both Death Angel and Overkill’s sets; Blitz joked that for a bunch of older people the crowd was full of energy and raising a lot of hell!


Author: Bob Suehs