May 18, 2019

Palaye Royale / Weathers - Soundstage

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Baltimore, Maryland


Palaye Royale Set List: Wanna Be Your Dog, Don’t Feel Quite Right, You’ll Be Fine, Death Dance, Masochist, Dying In A Hot Tub, Teenage Heartbreak Queen, Fucking With My Head, Get Higher, Hospital Beds, Mr. Doctor Man, How Do You Do?, ENCORE: Ma Cherie, All My Friends

Weathers Set List:  Carry Us Home, Poser, Shallow Waters, Lonely Vampire, Happy Pills, London Calling, Dirty Money, I’m Not Okay, Problems

The media has declared that “Rock Is Dead” on many occasions but if they took the time to catch any of the sold out dates on the current Palaye Royale tour they would change their tune!  Rock Is NOT Dead it has simply changed it’s packaging and shape; this tour featured three of the current saviors of rock n roll: Weathers, Starbenders, and Palaye Royale.

Georgia based Starbenders opened the show but we made it inside the venue as the band were finishing up their last song due to the long line awaiting entry into the club.  The venue website stated that the show started at 7:30 PM and we arrived by 7:20 PM but security for this show was stepped up due to Palaye Royale asking the venue to utilize a full pat down and use of metal detector wands.  This made the wait to get into the venue around 20 minutes longer than need be which caused us to miss all but the last 2 minutes of Starbenders set.  Interesting side note, security did confiscate 2 unopened jars of Nutella!

Starbenders are a female fronted rock act who are signed to former Lady Gaga guitarist Nico Constine’s label.  The band delivered a 70’s inspired hard rock set which sounded great.

Los Angeles based Weathers formed in 2012 and their brand of modern day rock was equal parts pop and alternative with vocals from Mr. Cameron Boyer who looked like a cross between Lyle Lovett and Skippy from TV’s “Family Ties”

Boyer sported a plaid suit with small platformed Doc Marten boots while bassist Brennen Bates wore ska styled plaid pants.  Guitarist Cameron Olsen adds a solid layer to the sound of Weathers and his performance anchors the bands live show.

Drummer Cole Carson is the backbone of the band and while he remains hidden at times his presence is undeniable.  Weathers sounded great and the crowd knew a large portion of their songs which created an amazing interaction between the band and the audience.

 Weathers were a great opening act and did their part to get the crowd ready for Palaye Royale.  Weathers were given a small portion of the stage to rock out on and they utilized their stage space as if they were rock gods.

 Weathers performed a cover of The Clash’s “London Calling” which offered older fans and parents in the room a song they knew.  Weathers bridged the gap between 80’s new wave and 90’s pop rock quite well and the crowd definitely enjoyed their set.

 Palaye Royale utilized the entire stage and their large old school lighted band name was a proper fit for their mix of glam rock, punk, and 70’s riff rock.

 Palaye Royal released their album “Boom Boom Room” in 2 parts; Part A. was released in 2015 while Part B. was released in 2018.  The bands current tour is being called their “Funeral tour” as this is an end to their “Boom Boom Room” era as the band plans to take time off to reinvent their sound and look.

 The core of Palaye are the three brothers who are separated by 2 years in age.  Danzig (guitars, 27 years old), Leith (Vocals, 25 years old), and Barrett (Drums, 23 years old).

Boom Boom Room Side A has 13 tracks.

Boom Boom Room Side B has 8 tracks.

 The band performed a brand new song entitled “Fucking With My Head” which was an aggressive rocker and offered fans a glimpse of what might be next for Palaye when they decide to release a new record.

It was ironic that lead singer Leith had Sid Vicious on the back of his jacket because his looks were uncanny to the former Sex Pistol bassist.

Roses adorned the entire stage and during the bands encore fans placed red rose filters over their cell phones which illuminated the venue with an artsy type of vibe.

 Palaye Royale are a high energy rock n roll machine and by the end of their set the band were clearly tired and sweaty from delivering an extremely passionate performance which left the Baltimore crowd satisfied and exhausted.  Danzig was covered in sweat the most and his suit had very few dry spots by the end of the night.



Author: Bob Suehs