May 31, 2019

The Distillers / Starcrawler - 9:30 Club

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Washington, D.C.

9:30 Club

 The stage was set, the crowd was ragin’, and Brody Dalle was back with her band The Distillers for a blistering night of punk rawk n roll!  The 9:30 Club was totally sold out and the first 30 fans waiting in line were allowed early access to the back bar as well as early access into the club; this was a random treat for those who showed up early.

 Doors opened at 8 PM, Starcrawler took the stage at 9 PM, and The Distillers took the stage shortly after 10:20 PM.

 Starcrawler opened the show and their lean, lanky, praying mantis like singer was equal parts horror show/glam rock explosion.

 Formed in 2015 and hailing from Los Angeles, California, Starcrawler delivered a mesmerizing performance which saw lead singer Arrow de Wilde wrestling with her own possessed body as she crab walked across the stage, fell to the ground between songs, and crowd surfed towards the end of their set.

 The musicians in Starcrawler were dressed in mock country and western motif and their garage rock sound was the backdrop for what Arrow delivered in her creepiness and eerie performance.

 Starcrawler are hard to explain; they are best experienced in person before one can understand the spectacle they produce.

 The Distillers had an interesting backdrop which looked like balled up tin foil that had been unrolled to create an artsy banner.

 Brody is a tad grown up since her heyday on MTV when she rocked a mohawk.  Her leopard print pants, shag black hair, and bright red lipstick with lip ring asserted her modern day punk prowess and her performance has improved greatly since the bands early beginnings.


The members of The Distillers are:

Brody Dalle - vocals/guitar

Andy Granelli - Drums

Ryan Sinn - bass

Tony Bevilacqua - guitar

 Delivering a set which spanned their entire career, Brody summed things up quite well when she said that this tour was to reintroduce the band which had been inactive for a little bit.

 Brody was battling a cold and despite not feeling well her performance was spot on and her vocals/guitar playing were top notch.

 The second song of The Distillers set was “Beat Your Heart Out” which rocked hard and started a crowd surfing frenzy which continued on and off for most of the night.

 “L.A. Girl” sounded great, “Seneca Falls” was dedicated to the girls, and “Sing Sing Death House” was vicious.

 The Distillers were finished just before Midnight and at the end of their set Brody took her guitar off and promptly threw it to the ground as she thanked the audience for all of their support.

Author: Bob Suehs