Jul 10, 2019

DOPE - Virus

Category: Interviews

DOPE are currently out on the road with Static-X, Devildriver, and Wednesday 13.  The tour will take the band all over the world and more tour dates are being added daily!  

We had the chance to ask DOPE guitarist Virus a handful of questions and before anyone says, “Why didn’t you ask if Edsel is the new singer in Static-X?” it’s because I was told that question was not allowed.  

Rock N Roll Experience:   Do you have any plans to do a Virus solo record?

VIRUS:  I would LOVE to do it; it's always about finding time to do it. It's more likely that I'll just finish a song and just put it out there instead doing it in an "album" format...

Rock N Roll Experience: I am aware that you teach at The School Of Rock. Which Do You Find More Gratifying;Teaching Or PerformIng? 

VIRUS:  I definitely love both gigs. As I get older, I've been embracing being "Local" and the teaching side of my life. I love inspiring kids; music is just one angle to teach 

Rock N Roll Experience:  Now That Acey Slade Is Back In Dope, Has The Set List changed? 

VIRUS:  Set is crafted by Edsel; he makes the set based on the tour we are on and how long the set is 

Rock N Roll Experience:   Will There Be A New Dope Record Released Any Time Soon?

VIRUS:   Making a record is a long, difficult process for Dope; so many things to consider and create since we do it ALL ourselves. Dope has never put out a product that is not up to the highest standard for the fan's expectations as well as our own. Stuff is always in the works 

Rock N Roll Experience:   Are There Any Plans To Resurrect The Band DEVICE?

VIRUS:  That's a David Draiman decision; it's his project. I'd love to be a part of it again 

 Rock N Roll Experience:   Your Solo Acoustic Shows Are Legendary On The East Coast, What Are Your Favorite Songs That You Cover In Those Shows?

VIRUS:  I love covering and mashing up songs that no one else covers; it allows me to be creative in a cover song situation. Who else is singing a Prince melody over a song by The Spinners?????!!!!!! I am!


Author: Bob Suehs