Jul 14, 2019

Godsmack - Mecu Pavillion

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Baltimore, MD

Mecu Pavillion 


GODSMACK Set List: When Legends Rise, 1000hp, Say My Name, Keep Away, Awake, Unforgettable, Something Different, Voodoo, Drum Solo, Whatever, ENCORE:  Under Your Scars, Bulletproof, I Stand Alone

 As the photo above shows, Sully was spitting quite a bit on this night and it had alot to do with him recently quitting smoking, as well as the dry humid air which covered this night like a thick blanket.

Sully Erna & original Godsmack drummer Tommy Stewart started Godsmack after the two drummers forged a bond while touring in their previous bands, opening for 80's rock act Accept.  Erna was playing drums for a band called Strip Mind while Stewart played drums for Lillian Axe.

 Erna would switch over to lead vocals and rhythm guitar for Godsmack and Tommy would remain on drums. Adding bassist Robbie Merrill and Guitarist Tony Rombola to the fold solidified the original line up of Godsmack.  In 2003 Tommy left and former Wratchild America drummer Shannon Larkin replaced him.

 Godsmack have had 25 top ten rock radio hits, three consecutive number-one albums on the Billboard 200, and were nominated for a Grammy Award 4 times.

 Their latest record, “When Legends Rise” was released on April 27, 2018 and spawned the catchy lead single “Bulletproof” which did very well at active rock radio and re-asserted the fact that Godsmack are still a force to recon with 24 years into their career.

 New Years Day were direct support and their set was short and to the point.  The band has evolved since their early days and singer Ash Costello is the only original member.

 Godsmack had a large black curtain with their moon logo which covered the entire stage as roadies set things up.  “When Legends Rise” was the first song performed and  it set the pace for a setlist which covered classic material and new songs.  The newer songs displayed a bit of growth, adult elements, and less anger than the bands older material.

 Sully commented during “Whatever” that he had been several days without a cigarette and it was driving him to the point that he felt like smashing his mic stand and destroying stuff.  Sully told the crowd that he had been buying Cindy Crawford’s eye cream and that it was clearly working because he had zero wrinkles around his eyes!  Sully commented that he was 51 and starting to have aches and pains and some of his rant was clearly from his lusting for a cigarette.

 Musically speaking, Godsmack were a proper mix of post-grunge, nu-metal, and modern hard rock.  They sounded loud, yet clear, and the overall sound mix was perfect.

 Shannon Larkin has always been a beast on drums and his performance, as usual, was intense and flawless.

 The drum battle is an integral part of every Godsmack show.  Sully and Shannon duked it out on duel drum kits while the Tony and Robbie churned out riffs and random covers.  AC/DC, Metallica, and Rush were represented during this part of the show.

 The fanbase for Godsmack is very loyal and for a Sunday night it was an impressive turnout; the crowd screamed every word as Sully and the boys churned out song after song.

 During the encore Godsmack slowed it down with the song “Under Your Scars” which was dedicated to Chester Bennington, Layne Staley, and every other person who was lost way before their time due to inner demons.

 “I Stand Alone” was the last song of the night and brought the house down.  The entire show was over before 10:45 and the bands crew broke down their stage quite fast.

Author: Bob Suehs