Aug 10, 2019

Aerosmith - MGM Grand

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 The MGM Grand Casino Theater in Maryland hold roughly 3,000 people.  It’s a given that any casino show may cost a tad higher than a regular arena show simply because you are experiencing a large band in a smaller environment but when Aerosmith announced their 3 night stand at the MGM Grand in Maryland those ticket prices were a bit pricey.

 Consider these facts:  Steven Tyler still sounds great but is past his prime in his 70’s, Joe Perry has been notorious as of late for passing out, falling down, and being a tad too sloppy when it comes to his playing; and Joey Kramer has been absent more than once during the bands latest run of shows.  70’s & 90’s Aerosmith was when the band shined!  Both their prime and their resurgence was when they were firing on all cylinders and tight.  The current senior citizen version of Aerosmith is clearly cashing in and gauging fans who can afford a $175 t-shirt or a $1200 pit ticket.  The cheapest tickets at face value ran around $300 after service charges and this was the back of the venue.

 Aerosmith offer 2 different meet and greet packaged, one give you Tyler and Perry while the other offers the remaining three and you can see the ticket prices pulled directly off ticketmaster below.

 The MGM Grand is an amazing venue, the outside is just as beautiful as the inside.  Statues, high end eateries, boutique shops which sell $160 Bob Marley shirts, and even a Chicken and Donuts stand were all options for customers of the Casino.

 Scalpers were trying to sell ticket above face value inside the venue and despite the sign stating “sold out” there were still tickets being sold at will call.  Scalpers had the balls to offer face value tickets to casino patrons 30 minutes after the show had started!  Those extremely high prices cut through the economic standpoint in their fanbase, this was not a poor mans show!

 The bands merchandise table offered autographed copies of “Pump” and “Get a Grip” for $250 a pop and standard t-shirts were $45 with a special group of “vintage reproductions” being sold for $175.  The smart shoppers bought their Aerosmith march from the MGM Grand souvenir shop where there was no line.

 Needless to say, we did not review the show because tickets were just too high and in an era where consumers speak with their wallet, I refused to pay those high prices for that show.

 The first night of their residency Steven Tyler fell onstage and Joey Kramer was too ill to perform so they had a fill in drummer for that show.

Author: Bob Suehs