Aug 22, 2019

Wednesday 13 / KISS

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Original Murderdoll singer Wednesday 13 is back with a new, heavy, intense phase of his career which he is calling the “Necrophaze” and along with this new era Mr. 13 has a new look that’s part alien, part goth zombie.  Here’s a track by track breakdown of each song on the new record:

“Necrophaze” - This rocker starts the record and it sets the pace at a high standard; hard, heavy, and horror infused.  

"Bring Your Own Blood” - This song opens with an electronic drum beat, it’s got a groove, a spooky vibe, and shows musical growth from within the band.

“Zodiac” - Bass driven, the guitar licks are chunky, and this song features a lot of samples pertaining to the Zodiac Killer.

“Monster” - This uptempo rocker has a rock n roll styled vibe that sounds like something Alice Cooper could have released during his “Trash” era. The chorus is instantly memorable and this song could easily be a single.

“Decompose” - This one starts off with a slow intro but once the guitars kick in the melodic vibe is ditched for a heavy rock overtone.  The tempo changes slightly at times and this one is a must listen track.

“Be Warned” - this quirky intro leads into “The Hearse”

“The Hearse” - This one has a Cradle of Filth vibe at times, the pre chorus is what sells it though.  

 “Tie Me A Noose” - Mixing Melodic with heaviness, this song is another standout track which shows diversity in writing styles on this album.  The music is a mash up of hard rock styles.

“Life Will Kill Us All” - This one starts off like a left over 80’s hair metal track.  The cheesy riffs add a campy element to the track and it sounds slightly like “Welcome To The Numb” off the Murderdolls expanded re-release of their first record.  This one is probably my favorite song off the record.

“Bury The Hatchet” - Fast, loud, and uncompromising, this one is straight up hard rock with a melodic edge.

 “Necrophaze Main (End Credits)” - This track ends the Necrophaze part of the record.

"Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)”  - This cool WASP cover is a bonus track on the record.  It sounds exactly like you think it will, it’s W-13 covering WASP.  

This record is well written, sounds amazing, and Wednesday has reinvented his brand with not only a new look but a new sound.  If Marilyn Manson is the bastard child of David Bowie, Wednesday 13 is for sure the modern day Alice Cooper with his campy horror schtick  which he takes to the extreme with his current Necrophaze era.  This is the definitive Wednesday 13 record where he truly comes into his own and breaks free from his past with The Murderdolls and Frankenstein Drag Queens.




“Official Poster Book #2”

Fantasm Media - 2019

KISS are currently on their “End of the Road” tour and this new magazine/poster book features stories which cover the bands past as well as their present.

 Articles on the new Sammy The Serpent which adorns the current 2019 tour stage, The Detroit Rock City Movie, KISS invading Cadillac Michigan, and much more are what you get in this high gloss magazine.

The vintage posters are the selling point and they are sure to be fixtures on KISS Army members bedroom walls.

 There are 6 different covers and the one we received was the “Gene Simmons” cover which looks amazing and features Gene in all his fire breathing glory.

 This magazine will be available for a limited time and is sure to sell out so make sure you pick up a copy before they are all gone!


Author: Bob Suehs