Sep 19, 2019

Cold - Soundstage

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Baltimore, Maryland


 COLD Set List:  Everyone’s A Devil, Give, Remedy, Without You, No One, The Break, Suffocate, It’s All Good, When Angels Fly Away, Happens All The Time, Confession, Ocean, God’s Song, Stupid Girl, ENCORE:  Run, Shine, Just Got Wicked, Feel It In Your Heart

 Florida based rockers, COLD have gone through several line up changes since their inception as a band.  The band achieved two gold albums for sales of over 500,000 (per release) and they have toured the world over.

 Formed in 1986 and originally using the name Grundig for the first 6 years of their existence before changing it to Diablo for several months, the current line up of COLD consists of:  Scooter Ward - vocals, Sam McCandless - drums, Lindsay Manfredi - bass, and Nick Coyle & Jonny Nova - guitars.

 Scooter & Sam are the sole original members left in the band.  “The Things We Can’t Stop” is their first new release in 8 years and came out September 13, 2019.  Ethan York replaced Sam on drums for 2 years but with this current tour Sam is back in the fold!

 Cold have not performed in Baltimore for almost a decade and when they returned on a casual Thursday evening the crowd….the room was packed by the time they took the stage just after 9:30 PM.

 Taking the stage under the cover of darkness, Cold never used any house lights instead relying on heavy backlighting which created an element of illusion because the dark blue and green back lighting coupled with heavy fog made it difficult to get a clear look at the band members.

 Drummer Sam McCandless looked like a Satanic Ice Cream man with his Misfits styled eye make-up, an evil widow’s peak, a white button up shirt, black bow tie, white slacks, and black shoes.

 Scooter still has a shaved head and his all over print skeleton chest shirt made it look like he had just gotten done trick or treating.  The bands guitarist’s utilized Fender guitars and their tone was surprisingly clean; there were no onstage amps, everything was done through the board.

 During the first song in the encore Scooter invited a young child onstage and he told the story of how he met the kid earlier in the day and that he gave the child his main “Skeleton” shirt which he wore while writing the new Cold record.

 “Stupid Girl” was introduced as a song not actually about a stupid girl and similar to how the previous song performed, “God’s Song” was not actually about God.

 Cold have 3 new members and in all honesty the crowd didn’t seem too concerned that this was not the original version of Cold, they were happy to see Scooter and Sam onstage, bringing to life the classic Cold material and offering up new tracks as well.

 Cold shirts at the merch table were $30 and cd’s were $10 but if you bought a shirt the CD’s free.

 Scooter has not changed in over two decades: his presence, his vocals, his demeanor, his humbleness, and his appreciation for the fans has remained the same.

 Delivering a strong 90 minute set, Cold gave the crowd an excellent show.   As the last notes of “Feel It In Your Heart” were played Scooter exited the stage first while the band finished the track.  When the song finished the entire band promptly exited the stage.

 Cold were dormant for several years and now that they are back in action it’s a safe bet that they will remain active for the foreseeable future because they are clearly having a blast onstage.

Author: Bob Suehs