Sep 25, 2019

Alice Cooper / Steel Panther

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 Released as digital or strictly limited edition Vinyl (20,000 copies worldwide), this EP pays homage to Alice’s Detroit roots.

 The songs on this record are stripped down, raw, and at times more punk oriented than what modern day Cooper fans may be used to.

 “Detroit 2020” opens the record and is a re-worked version of the song “Detroit City” off Coop’s 2003 release, “The Eyes of Alice Cooper”.

 “Go Man Go” is a new song Cooper wrote just for this release yet it sounds like something that came out 20 years ago with it’s vintage inspired lyrics and sound.

 “Eastside Story” originally by Bob Seger sounds great, “Your Mama Won’t Like Me” originally by Suzi Quatro has a funky wah wah guitar opening while the track sounds very 70’s-ish complete with a horn section.

 “Devil With a Blue Dress” is funky, “Chain of Love” has a Motown feel, and “Sister Anne” has a bluesy swagger to it.

 This EP is classic Alice at his best.  It’s amazing how Alice seems to get better and better as time goes on.




“Heavy Metal Rules”

 “Zebraman” opens this record with a funny spoken word piece which sums up what Steel Panther is all about.  The title of this record is the primary theme to EVERYTHING Steel Panther does and if you’re unaware of who the band is, they are a true parody of everything 80’s hair metal.

 “All I Wanna Do Is F*ck (Myself Tonight)” is a good song that sounds like something you could have heard on Motley Crue’s “Theatre of Pain” record.

 “Let’s Get High Tonight” is a solid rocker and if the lyrics were not so cheesy/campy this one could be taken seriously.

 “Always Gonna Be a Ho” is a great power ballad and the title says it all.  

 “I’m Not Your Bitch” rocks hard.

 “F*ck Everbody” has a great chorus but I can’t really sing it here…check it out on your own!

 “Heavy Metal Rules” references Gene Simmons comment that Rock N Roll is dead and the song actually sounds great despite the corny lyrics.

 “Sneaky Little Bitch” has a catchy guitar lick.

 “Gods of Pussy” - “Makin them gush in the back of the bus” is all you need to know.

 “I Ain’t Buying What You’re Selling” is a slow closing track which actually stands out as the best written song off this record.

 The tragedy of Steel Panther is that they are a full on parody act which makes their musical ability second to their goofiness.  The band is comprised of former members of Rob Halford’s Fight and L.A. Guns; the guys have chops, can play, write, sing, perform, and deliver solid metal tracks.  The comedy aspect is where the band gets stuck in a rut; they choose to not be taken seriously and that’s probably smart because it’s where they make their money.  The new Steel Panther record sounds great, it’s pure filth, and the band is extremely consistent with what they do.  Death To All But Metal!


Author: Bob Suehs