Oct 13, 2019

Crashdiet / Block Buster

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Swedish rockers Crashdiet are back with a new record titled “Rust” which affirms that the band are back with a vengeance.  This record was release on September 13, 2019 and the current line up of the band consists of:  Gabriel Keyes - Lead Vocals, Martin Sweet - Guitar, Peter London - Bass, Eric Young - Drums

“Rust” is a kick ass, hard rocker with a punchy guitar riff, solid groove, and strong vocals.  This four minute track rocks so hard it leaves you wanting just a little more.

“Into The Wild” opens with an 80’s style but the song maintains freshness while clearly paying homage to old school hair metal.

New Lead Vocalist Gabriel Keyes brings his own style and sound to the band thus infusing new blood to the band.  Gabriel sings clean and his voice sounds amazing on this record.

“Idiots” has a drive and devotion to heavy rock; this is a stand out track on the record.

“In The Maze” has a mellow opening that leads into a melodic rock opus.

“We Are The Legion” has a melodic opening but this one gets heavy within seconds of the mellow moments.  

“Crazy” is aptly titled; this heavy rockin’ song has teeth and bites hard!

“Parasite” is a deep album cut that sounds loud, hard, and fierce.

“Waiting For Your Love” is the token ballad on this record.

 “Reptile” rocks hard and sounds like old school Crashdiet.

 “Stop Weirding Me Out” is a quirky rocker with a chorus that gets stuck in your head fast.

 “Filth Flowers” closes the record out with mid tempo rock flavor.





“Losing Gravity”

 Block Buster are an up and coming Finnish rock act and one of the newest signings to Frontier Music.  Heavily influenced by 70’s arena rock they are a guitar driven act with clean vocals and dual fisted attitude. 

Their debut release titled “Losing Gravity” is out now and was produced by Crashdiet guitarist Martin Sweet. 

 “Out In The City” opens this record with a mid tempo style that changes to fast and heavy in less than a minute.  Style wise, this is straight up hair metal and sounds quite 80’s.

 “Gone By The Morning” is the lead single off this record and offers the listener an undeniable groove.

 “Back From The Shadows” sounds new, fresh, and modern.

 “Sweet Mary Jane” is a crunchy rocker with a great beat.

 “Somebody To Shock Me” is the stand out track on this record.

 “Move” has a funky feel

 “Bulletproof” closes this record with an 80’s style

 Block Buster are an interesting band and their style clearly pays an homage to all things 70’s/80’s.

Author: Bob Suehs