Oct 18, 2019

Glenn Danzig Verotika - Times Square, NYC

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VEROTIKA - Movie Screening



New York, New York

Glenn Danzig is the lead singer for The Misfits, Samhain, and Danzig;  it’s no secret that Glenn is a big fan of comic books and horror movies.  “Verotika” is Glenn's first full length movie and it features three stories from his Comic Book line of the same title.

This screening was supposed to take place at 9 PM but ended up running almost 45 minutes late.  Waiting to get into the theater was fun because members of Danzig and The Misfits were in attendance and greeted fans, took pictures, signed autographs, and hung out for the entire night.  Glenn Danzig, Jerry Only, Tommy Victor, Steve Zing, Acey Slade, Dave Lombardo, and cast members of the movie were all in attendance and mingled with fans throughout the evening.  The two top levels were reserved for band members, family, and actors; the rest of the theater was for fans.  The ticket price was $20 and by today’s standards that was a super cheap price for a meet and greet.  There were 300 fans in attendance.

The movie starts off like an episode of Tales From The Crypt with a female narrator who introduces each story.  The movie is campy and features fake foreign accents which gives the movie a retro horror feel ala “Suspiria”.

WARNING:  The rest of this article features spoilers!

 The first story revolves around a woman with eyeballs where her nipples should be.  A giant spider creature gets involved and I won’t ruin the rest of the story but I will say that the entire theater was laughing in various moments; The low budget and bad acting are what made it memorable.

 Story number two is about a Stripper who collects peoples faces.  That pretty much tells you all that you need to know.

 Story number three tries to go in a slightly serious direction and was my least favorite of the three.

As soon as the credits began to roll the Movie’s producer went to the front of the screen and brought out Glenn Danzig and Movie actors Ashley Wisdom and Scotch Hopkins who both starred in the first story.  The crowd was told immediately that there would be no Q&A due to the time which gave Glenn and company 14 minutes to randomly babble about the film.

 At the merch table there were 4 items available.  An exclusive event only Shirt ($20), an exclusive event only poster ($10), an exclusive event only set of 4 lobby cards which where hand numbered and limited to 666 copies ($30), and Verotika comic books ($10).

 What happened immediately following the short interview with Glenn and cast is best described as beautiful chaos.  Glenn began to shake hands with the front of the theater and this led to the entire room circling Glenn for autographs, selfies, and awkward conversations.  Glenn had one security guy and the organization was minimal; fans were pushing to meet him, there was very little order, and at one point Glenn told the crowd that everyone had to stand in front of him rather than going behind him, that he would make sure everyone had their turn, he wanted a little order.  Glenn’s rules were simple, selfies only, no posed photos, and he signed one item per person.  For years Glenn has been an elusive celebrity when it came to fans getting a photo with him but for the Verotika movie screenings he eased up on that rule.

 Glenn commented that there may be a few more movie screenings in the coming weeks and he was extremely grateful for the fans support with this project.  Glenn gets a bad rap in the media but he was extremely nice and pleasant to everyone in attendance at this event.  This screening was the night before The Misfits at Madison Square Garden and a random, shocking fact is that Glenn allowed fans to take photos and film the entire show at Madison Square.  Danzig fans know that Glenn usually has a strict no camera policy but for the nights of October 18 and 19th he set that rule aside!

Author: Bob Suehs