Oct 27, 2019

1349 - Soundstage

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1349 / CLOAK / UADA



Baltimore, MD

1349 Set List: Cauldron, Through Eyes of Stone, Sculptor of Flesh, When I Was Flesh, Slaves, Enter Cold Void Dreaming, Riders Of The Apocalypse, Celestial Deconstruction, Nekronatalenheten, Striding The Chasm, Golem, Dødskamp, Abyssos Antithesis

 UADA Set List:  The Purging Fire, Snakes and Vultures, Devoid of Light, Cult of a Dying Sun, Black Autumn White Spring

 Touring in support of their seventh release “The Infernal Pathway” which was released on October 18, 2019, Norwegian Black Metal Deviants 1349 returned to Baltimore, Maryland on a mild Sunday evening to bring Halloween a few days early.

 Cloak opened the show and their set was pure metal mayhem.  Twin guitar attack, heavy rhythm, and strong vocals were what made Cloak stand out on this bill.  Each band brought their own style, vibe, and presence to the show.  Cloak brought straight up power metal while UADA were barely visible under their robes and a cover of fog and darkness.

 The music was Massive yet the crowd was small with just around 200+ fans which caused Baltimore Soundstage to partition off half of the venue.  The intimate crowd created a cult like vibe when UADA took the stage; they looked like a druid cult.

 UADA had an “incident” happen on this night.  The band posted on their official facebook page:  

“Despite our van being broken into and getting robbed of a few personal possessions last night, we have to thank the fans that showed their immense support in Baltimore. Although an unfortunate situation occurred while we were on stage due to circumstances out of our hands and a situation misread by the staff, we will never forget the intensity of our real supporters. No thieves will keep us down & we will always choose principle over scene politics. Stay loyal, stay real.” 

 UADA (meaning haunted in latin) were in the middle slot and their music was reminiscent of Tribulation; their dark moodiness set them apart from the other bands while and no band members face was ever visible during their set.

 1349 were the headliner and their set was simple, dark, and pure black metal.  1349 is a reference to the year that the Black Death reached Norway.  Formed in 1997, 1349 have toured the world over and are heavily influenced by Black Metal Legends Mayhem and Celtic Frost.

 Satyricon drummer Frost is a current member of 1349 but was not with them when they performed in Baltimore.  For the Baltimore show touring drummer Nils Fjellstrom was behind the drum kit.

 Lead vocalist Ravn sported the standard corpse paint but his curly blonde locks are what set him apart from every other black haired death growler.

 Lead guitarist Archaon is a shredder but keeps his solos tasteful so the material stays dark and thick.  Bassist Seidemann remained hidden under a druid robe and he could easily fit in with the UADA camp based off his onstage looks.

 1349 brought a tight show, their sound was excellent, their performance was strong, and the crowd moshed throughout the bands entire set.  When 1349’s set was finished lead singer Ravn jumped off the stage and thanked fans, shook hands, and was very appreciative towards the fans.  The entire show was wrapped up just before 11 PM.

Author: Bob Suehs