Nov 12, 2019

Skitzo Calypso - “The Haunted Collection”

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“The Haunted Collection”

 Maryland Rockers Skitzo Calypso have a brand new remastered (technically “Vampyres” was re-recorded) collection of songs from previous releases specifically designed for the mood of Halloween.


Released on October 31, 2019, this collection spans 2004 - 2019 and music on the release was taken from:  “The Shattering”, “Between the Lines & Beyond the Static”, “Burning Down an Empire”, “Ghosts”, “Ghosts:  The Beyond” and “A.L.I.C.E.”.

 “Vampyres" is an interesting song because it was never truly finished,  the original version titled “Vampyres of Hollywood” came off the release “Between the Lines & Beyond the Static” but was a demo version of the song.  The newly re-recorded song is dark, simple, and direct.  Newly recorded keys and vocals with slight new elements make the song a fully realized vision.

 “Skull To Fist” and “End of The World” are remasters from the 15 year old “The Shattering” release and tweaking those tracks in the studio have given them new life.

 Skitzo Calypso were a staple to the local Maryland music scene for many years; strong vocals, gutsy guitar work, solid rhythm, and dynamic song writing.

 Not to spoil the surprise but “Modern Day Travesty” is an added bonus track that resides at the end of this release.

Author: Bob Suehs