Nov 18, 2019

Electric Wizard / Midnight - Fillmore

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The Fillmore

Silver Spring, MD

 ELECTRIC WIZARD Set List: Witchcult Today, Black Mass, Return Trip, See You In Hell, Hear The Sirens Scream, Incense For The Damned, Satanic Rites of Drugula, The Chosen Few, Funeralopolis

 It’s hard to describe the crowd that showed up for this show; I would love to call it a stoner rock crowd but if I’m being honest it was an eclectic mix of hard rock fans, stoners, tokers, punks, and hippie types.  The general smell of the room was a mix of patchouli, beer, and smoked cigarettes.  Walking through the room it was fun to read off what bands were represented via sewn on patches and the crowd lost their collective minds when Electric Wizard took the stage!

 Cleveland rockers Midnight opened the show at 8 PM with a set that mixed New Wave of British Heavy Metal sounds with straight up punk ethic.  Lead singer/bassist Athenar is an interesting character; he wore a bullet belt around his chest, sported a leather jacket with no shirt, and ripped off every bass string during the bands last song.

 Midnight are a three piece band and their energy accentuates their frantic style of music.  All three members go crazy once the show starts and their faces remain hidden under full face masks for the entire set.

 “Who Gives A Fuck?” was a crowd favorite and “Violence on Violence” got the mosh pit moving.  Midnight had an interesting assortment of merchandise and all standard t-shirts from Midnight were $25.

 Electric Wizard took the stage under the cover of darkness and their set was gloomy, deep, and dreary.  Occult films played in the background while the band churned out riffs darker than Tony Iommi!

 Lead Singer/guitarist Jus Osborn played an Epiphone guitar while rhythm guitarist Elizabeth Buckingham played a Gibson with a tremolo.  The Treble soaked guitar tones which both guitarist produced onstage was ear shattering and ridiculously loud.  The sheer volume onstage was absolutely bong rattling!

 Electric Wizard finished their set a little after 10:30 PM and as patrons left the show they were greeted with a chilly 40 degree rain storm outside.

Author: Bob Suehs