Dec 14, 2019

The Misfits - Wells Fargo Center

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Wells Fargo Center

Philadelphia, PA

Misfits Set list:  Death Comes Ripping, I Turned Into a Martian, 20 Eyes, Vampira, Where Eagles Dare, Skulls, Mommy Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?, Hybrid Moments, London Dungeon, Teenagers From Mars, Children in Heat, Earth A.D., Green Hell, Some Kinda Hate, Hollywood Babylon, Horror Business, Who Killed Marilyn, Violent World, Halloween, Die, Die My Darling, Astro Zombies, Last Caress, Encore: Bullet, Night of the Living Dead, All Hell Breaks Loose, We Are 138

DROPKICK MURPHYS Set List:  Cadence To Arms, The Boys Are Back, Prisoner’s Song, Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya, Blood, Going Out In Style, The State of Massachusetts, Citizen C.I.A., The Season’s Upon Us, Out Of Our Heads, Rose Tattoo, I Fought The Law, I’m Shipping Up To Boston

The Misfits performed at Madison Square Garden on October 19, 2019 and the show was billed as the last Misfits reunion show to feature Glenn Danzig on vocals.  Ironically, several days after the New York show took place it was announced that The reunited Misfits would perform on December 14, 2019 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.  

Despite the no photo/no cell phone policy which was posted on the front doors of the Wells Fargo Center, fans were allowed to photo and video the entire show.  

The traffic leading in to the venue was a nightmare.  The Army-Navy game took place at Lincoln Financial Field directly across from Wells Fargo Center thus creating an absolute traffic nightmare to anyone driving in that general direction.  Dignitaries including President Trump were in attendance at the Army-Navy game which added to the traffic headache.

Wells Fargo opened it’s doors at 8 PM and the show started at 9 PM with Agnostic Front starting the show.  When Agnostic took the stage the venue was less than half filled with mostly empty seats.

Agnostic Front delivered a short set that closed with a Ramones cover (Blitzkreig Bop); their sound was not the best but their energy and enthusiasm made up for it.  Agnostic Front guitarist Stigma performed from the mosh pit during the song “Power” and it was obvious that the band missed the intimacy of smaller venues.

Dropkick Murphys were next and their set sounded great but they were an odd fit for this bill.  Since it was close to Christmas they performed their holiday song “The Season’s Upon Us” which fit the month/mood perfectly.

The Misfits took the stage after 11 PM and their set ended just around 12: 30 AM.  

The Philadelphia Misfits show was a tad looser than the Madison Square Garden show.  Glenn flubbed vocals at times but was clearly having fun and enjoying himself onstage.  The setlist was the same minus one song with interesting changes in sequence which somehow made the show flow better.

“Death Comes Ripping” was the show opener and set the pace for a fast, in your face, non stop horror rock night of fun.

“20 Eyes” sounded great, “Where Eagles Dare” was intense, and “Hybrid Moments” was a blur of frenzied energy.  “Some Kinda Hate” offered an explanation of how the band mixes Horror, 50’s rock, and punk in a style that’s all their own.  “Hollywood Babylon” was a fun rock n punk romp, “Halloween” became a full on arena singalong, and “Last Caress” started with Doyle and Glenn opening the song together.

Former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo held the band together with his machine like drumming which never lost a beat.  Second guitarist Acey Slade celebrated his birthday onstage with The Misfits and Glenn wished him a Happy Birthday while joking that he would be tarred and feathered later.

Jerry Only destroyed several basses throughout the evening while sliding across the stage with the grace of a ballerina.  Monster Man Doyle stomped about the stage while bashing his guitar as if it were a punching bag.

The merch table featured an interesting assortment of $40 t-shirts and the most popular item was the $100 autographed (Only & Danzig singed/hand numbered) event poster.

Danzig made it a point to tell the crowd that The Misfits had played a sold out show at Madison Square Garden back in October and that it was a big Fuck You to all the record company jerks that told the band they would never go that far. 

UPDATE:  Mr. Glenn Danzig has had the bulk of our videos pulled down.  The message below says it all.

Author: Bob Suehs