Dec 13, 2019

Glenn Danzig - Verotika Philadelphia Screening

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“VEROTIKA” Philadelphia Movie Screening


Philadelphia Film Society

Philadelphia, PA 

Glenn Danzig’s directorial debut, an adaptation of his comic book line entitled “Verotika” had it’s very last theatrical showing on Friday the 13th, December 13, 2019 at the Philadelphia Film Society.  The theatre was packed with die hard Misfits/Danzig fans and Glenn himself hosted the evening!

Glenn introduced the film and let the audience know that he would be conducting a Q&A / Meet and Greet as soon as the film ended.  My today’s standards this event basically broke down as a $20 meet and greet with Glenn.  Any Danzig fan will tell you, getting a photo with Mr. Danzig is not an easy task.

During the first story there was a film glitch which caused the movie to stop and the entire theatre went black for about 5 minutes.

The Movie itself breaks down like this.  There are three different stories and the Verotika character serves as a Crypt Keeper meets Elvira type host.  

The first story garnered laughter when the female lead reveals that she has eyeballs in the place of nipples on her breasts.  Buxom strippers are killed throughout the story and a not so scary spider creature with a laughable costume steals the show.  

Glenn made it a point to tell the crowd that the movie was made with no budget thus explaining why the costumes, make up, acting, and sets are bare bones and lack high quality.

The second story is about a stripper who steals faces.  Glenn told the crowd it was loosely based after “Eyes Without a Face” and if you watch the Q&A video below you can see Glenn explain how various scenes tie the movie together.

The third story was a tad boring and is nothing more than boobs and blood 

At the merch table fans could buy the official Verotika event shirt, a Verotika movie poster, of a set of Verotika lobby cards which were hand numbered.

Immediately following the Q&A Glenn signed autographs and took photos with every fan who was willing to wait in line.  Glenn was there until midnight and was extremely gracious to meet his fans.  When I had my turn to say hello to Glenn I asked for a photo with him and he signed my copy of the 1996 release “Blackacidevil”. Glenn looked at the obscure release and said, “Wow, I don’t see that one too often” he told me that it would be re-released on vinyl in 2020 and thanked me for coming to the screening.  Despite all of the shit talking, Glenn Danzig is a nice guy and watching him interact with his fans he was nice, thankful, and appreciative.  Fans gave him gifts, thanked him, and he respectfully thanked every single person who approached him.

Author: Bob Suehs