Jan 31, 2020

Dirty Honey - Metro Gallery

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Metro Gallery

Baltimore, MD

Dirty Honey Set List:  Scars, Break You, Fire Away, The Wire (New Song), Heartbreaker, Down The Road, Tied Up (New Song), Last Child, When I’m Gone, Bass Solo/ Whole Lotta Love (Partial Zeppelin cover), Rolling 7’s

 When Vocalist Marc LaBelle broke into the chorus for “When I’m Gone” everyone in the room sang word for word with him; at times the crowd was louder than the band thus confirming the audience’s adoration for Dirty Honey!

 Dirty Honey first performed in Baltimore as opening act for Red Sun Rising on April 1, 2019 at Baltimore Soundstage. The band would later joke that their first time in Baltimore was less than stellar considering they performed to a nearly empty room.

 The bands next performance in Baltimore was way better because opened for Alterbridge and Skillet at Mecu Pavilion.  By this point the band had gained airplay and their debut single “When I’m Gone” was slowly building up steam.

 Flash forward to January 31, 2020 and Dirty Honey performed a sold out show in Baltimore, Maryland at The Metro Gallery on a Friday night!

 What’s amazing about Dirty Honey is how they have managed to do all of this without the support of a major label!  Formed in 2017 by singer Marc LaBelle and guitarist John Notto, the band took their name from a Howard Stern interview with Robert Plant.  Counting Crowes manager Mark DiDia became Dirty Honey’s manager after hearing their lead single “When I’m Gone” and immediately put the band on the road opening for Guns N Roses guitarist Slash in the Fall of 2018.

 Dirty Honey have one self released EP available on vinyl only and have served as the opening act for The Who in Michigan 2019, as well as Guns N Roses “Not In This Lifetime” Tour on November 1 and 2, 2019 in Las Vegas.

 The Amazons served as opener for Dirty Honey at their Baltimore, Metro Gallery show and their sound was artsy and alternative with a guitar driven approach which warmed up the crowd quite well.

 Dirty Honey took the stage a few minutes late; they were slated to go on at 9:15 PM but wandered onstage about 10 minutes late.  A large backdrop with the bands logo was the only frill the band was afforded onstage; the Dirty Honey live show was 100% based off the individual members energy, musical ability, and rockstar presence.

 Opening with “Scars”, Dirty Honey performed a solid hour with small breaks for bass/drums/guitar to have small solos.  

 “The Wire” was one of two new songs performed on this night and before they broke into the 2nd new song “Tied Up” guitarist John Notto commented that this was the first time the song had been performed onstage.  Marc later commented that it was a work in progress and would go through changes.

 The Aerosmith classic “Last Child” was performed towards the end of the night and this one made the crowd go crazy!  The most heartfelt moment of the night was when they performed the song “Down The Road” which oozed emotion, vibe, and had its own distinct bluesy swagger.

 A bass solo that led into a partial cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” that led into the nights final song, “Rolling 7’s” which closed the night out.

 Dirty Honey delivered a strong one hour set and the crowd in attendance witnessed a young, upcoming band performing a show that will go down as legendary in Baltimore music history.

Author: Bob Suehs