Feb 20, 2020

Queensryche / John 5 - Soundstage

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Baltimore, MD

 QUEENSRYCHE Set List:  Prophecy, Operation Mindcrime, Walk In The Shadows, Resistance, Man The Machine, Take Hold Of The Flame, Bent, The Needle Lies, Dark Reverie, Breaking The Silence, Silent Lucidity, Jet City Woman, Screaming In Digital, Queen Of The Reich, ENCORE:  No Sanctuary, Light Years, Empire, Eyes of a Stranger

 JOHN 5 Set List:  Robot Invasion Warning, Crank It, 666 Shooter, Zoinks!, Hell Haw, Howdy, Season of The Witch, First Victim, The Black Grass Plague, I Am John 5, Cactus Flower, Medley (Limelight, Fly By Night, Thunderkiss 65, Beautiful People, Spoonman, Dr Feelgood, Unchained, I’m Broken, Walk)

 Queensryche rolled through Baltimore, Maryland on Thursday, February 20th in support of their “The Verdict World Tour” which featured former Marilyn Manson/current Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 as direct support.

 Eve To Adam opened the show and their set was an interesting display of modern hard rock that the crowd thoroughly enjoyed.

 John 5’s backing band, The Creatures, consists of Roger Carter on drums and Ian Ross on Bass.  The last time John performed in Maryland was at Rams Head Onstage in Annapolis and for that show he scaled down the production and took the stage dressed in regular clothes since the show was essentially in a diner theatre and fully seated.

 John wowed the crowd with his guitar virtuoso ability and his backing band held the music together while John soloed non stop.  John sported fully custom John 5 attire right down to his silver 5 boots.  Unseeable to most of the audience, John’s pedal board had a small locket with a photo of Elvis taped to it.

 John 5 seemed a tad under the weather but his performance showed no signs of it; John dazzled the crowd with his guitar wizardry and cross polinated rock with country & industrial quite nicely. 

 At John's merch table there were current tour shirts, older shirts were sold at a marked down price, there was a plethora of autographed posters, cds, and masks, as well as guitar picks and stickers.

 Queensryche were the featured attraction and their set list was a great representation of the bands past and present with vocalist Todd La Torre being the star of the show.

 La Torre has earned his place in Queensryche by delivering jaw dropping vocal performances which revitalized the band and also allowed them to re-visit older material which original singer Geoff Tate was no longer able to perform.

La Torre took the stage wearing dark sunglasses, baggy black cargo pants, and his shirt had a giant red pentagram on it .

 At this point there are two original members left in Queensryche; lead guitarist Michael Wilton and bassist Eddie Jackson.  Original drummer Scott Rockenfield is no longer with Queensryche but the band has yet to issue an official statement as to why he is not with them.  Eddie Trunk commented recently on his Sirius XM show that the three former member of Queensryche could potentially start their own band and be more Queensryche than the current touring version of the band considering the fact that Tate, Rockenfield, and DeGarmo are out of the touring band.

 Todd La Torre commented right before the song “Man The Machine”  that Queensryche were not a band that wanted to live off its back catalog and that they would continue to release new records. Todd quipped that his hope was for the new Queensryche songs to become classics alongside the older material.  This statement was interesting because "IF" Tate were to ever rejoin the band the entire LaTorre era would be forgotten and never performed again. Most bands eventually do a reunion tour for $$$ and the newer members of Queensryche must realize that their tenure in the band could be over at any point without warning if they ever decide to do a reunion tour.

 Queensryche sounded great, their stage set up was cool, and for a Thursday night Baltimore Soundstage was surprisingly packed!  La Torre commented that there were three generations of fans in attendance and he asked younger fans up front if they were having fun;  La Torre joked that they were getting a great start to their concert going lives.

 Queensryche released “The Verdict” on March 1, 2019 and Todd La Torre confirmed that he not only sang all lead vocals but also played drums on the new record.

 Guitarist Parker Lundgren has been a member of Queensryche since 2009 and his initial role in the band was to fill in the DeGarmo parts; after a few years in the band Parker began to add a younger energy to the stage show and his playing style slowly integrated itself into the bands legacy.

 Queensryche took the stage at 10 PM and finished their show shortly after 11:30 PM.

 If you missed this performance fear not, Queensryche return to Maryland on May 2, 2020 to perform at the yearly M3 Rock Fest in Columbia, Maryland. 


Author: Bob Suehs