Apr 6, 2020

Paul Stanley - The Quarantine Sessions

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Iconic KISS Frontman Paul Stanley delivered three very special, intimate, at home performances for the quarantined World population in an attempt to keep people home.

Paul’s first video offered fans a glimpse into how the track “Love Gun” was written and he shared classic riffs as he explained how the song was written.  “God Of Thunder” was teased on guitar and Paul later explained how his limitations as a guitar player helped him to create the iconic riff for the song, “I Want You”.

In Paul’s second video he opened with an acoustic performance of “Everytime I Look At You” from the KISS record “Revenge”.  Paul spoke of his love for Martin guitars and a story of how the “Revenge” record with Bob Ezrin came about after the band decided to record “God Gave Rock n Roll To You II”.  Paul stated that there was hesitation to work with Ezrin because their last effort with him, “Music From The Elder” was a commercial flop. 

Episode three of Paul’s at home video trilogy featured Mr. Stanley performing “Makin’ Love”, “Hotter Than Hell”, and “Got To Choose” while adding anecdotes and pull quotes regarding those era’s of his career.  Paul joked about the Quarantine videos he posted not being perfect because they are not concerts or recitals but personal at home performances for the fans to enjoy and sing along with.

A photo of Paul shopping at Costco several months ago, prior to the Corona Virus outbreak, surfaced online thus making it look like Paul was hoarding paper towels when in reality the photo was taken several months prior.  

KISS have slowly began the process of rescheduling postponed tour dates due to the Corona virus.  There is no official word yet as to whether or not the band will continue doing their paid Meet and Greets post Corona Virus.  KISS “End Of The Road” World Tour is slated to resume on June 9, 2020 in Paris France.

Rescheduled KISS tour dates:

In related KISS news, former non make-up era guitarist Bruce Kulick has been posting “KISS licks of the day” on his Facebook page.  Riffs posted thus far include, “Tears Are Falling”, “God Gave Rock N Roll To You II”, “Who Wants To Be Lonely”, “Creatures Of The Night”, “Domino”, and “Reason To Live” which features Bruce’s wife Lisa on vocals.

KISS are offering limited edition "Dressed To Kill" merch in their online web store and among the offerings are limited edition socks, a pin, money clip, several new shirt designs, and limited edition colored vinyl.

July 17, 2021 in New York is still tentatively listed as being the very last show of the KISS "End of the Road" farewell tour.


Author: Bob Suehs