Apr 7, 2020

Sammy Hagar discussed Roth opening for The Circle in 2020

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On Eddie Trunk's SiriusXM radio show today (4/7/20) Eddie spoke exclusively to Sammy Hagar and former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony via conference call from their homes to discuss the current state of the world and how the Corona virus has effected The Circle's tour with Night Ranger and White Snake.

Hagar stated that the tour was laid out in three legs and that currently they may cancelled/postponed the first leg and that hopefully the remaining two legs could/would happen if the world went back to normal.

Michael Anthony stated that he has fears of the public not willingly going into large crowds or concerts for the foreseeable future. White Snake announced that they would be dropping off The Circle's Summer tour due to David Coverdale's health.

When asked about who would take White Snake's spot on the triple bill Trunk asked Sammy & Michael if they would consider David Lee Roth as an opener.

Trunk: Are you going to replace White Snake or are you going to go out with just Night Ranger?

Sammy: We definitely want to replace White Snake with someone on that level. The Circle, we always did an evening with, same thing with The Wabos, Van Halen, we never put together a big package and so we were looking forward to doing that, playing for 15,000 - 20,000 people a night so we kinda got geared up for that in our heads so we are definitely looking for the right act to fill that spot and if we couldn't find someone maybe we would tone it down, I don't know, I'm not sure what we would do but I've got my fingers crossed.

Michael: yeah, at this point we are looking for someone else though.

Trunk: Has anyone called David Lee Roth? I've heard he's doing stuff again.

Michael & Sammy: (laughs hysterically)

Sammy: maybe you should call him

Trunk: but Sammy, you invited him to high tide and I know Michael was talking about going to see him.

Sammy: yeah, but that was before we saw the Vegas thing man. woah, woah, that changed everything.

Michael: I'll have to call Gene (Simmons) or Paul (Stanley) and ask how he was with them.

Trunk: In fairness to him (Roth) I will say this, every single person who I talked to that saw him on the tour with KISS VS the headline early stuff in Vegas, they all said it got way, way better, that he tightened it up. Michael, you never went? I was talking to you in Punta Cana or wherever we were and...

Michael: Yeah, I was thinking about going to Vegas but I think we were doing a private show somewhere in Hawaii.

Trunk: So no Sam & Dave reunion tour?

Sammy: well, that's what it was. Me and Coverdale were calling it the Sam & Dave tour (laughs). Hey Eddie, you are good friends with Roth...

Trunk: I don't know him at all

Sammy: well you brought it up, maybe you should give him a call and see if he wants to do the tour with us.

Trunk: I brought it up because you said you needed another band and I know he's out there doing stuff. I thought it was a decent idea. Once I called out his backing vocals for being canned I don't think he would take my call now. (Laughs)

Sammy: no, no, that was the best part of that show anyways.

Trunk: The canned vocals? (Laughs)

Michael: His backing vocals do sound kinda familiar to me.

Trunk: Are they you Michael?

Sammy: I'm going to stop, we gotta leave Diamond alone. Atleast he is out there trying to get something going, you gotta give him a little bit of love. Maybe he is the guy? If he was good, if he tightened it up a bit on the KISS tour it would be a good show. It would be a night of alot of good music for sure.

Trunk: I wasn't joking with that, I think it would be great. Everyone said he got better, his band was great

Sammy: His band was alright, they were not a problem

Author: Bob Suehs