May 5, 2020

Tracii Guns Out For Riley's Blood (5/5/20)

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Eddie Trunk aired a brand new interview with L.A. Guns guitarist Tracii Guns - May 5, 2020 on his Sirius XM radio show and here’s a few interesting excerpts from the conversation:

Tracii’s version of L.A. Guns released a new single entitled  “Let You Down” which coincided with the release of the Riley version’s single “Crawl”.  When Trunk asked Tracii about that:    

Trunk: Steve Riley is out there with his L.A. Guns and he recently released a song with that band, so my question to you is, the timing of this, releasing your L.A. Guns (single), you and Phil (Lewis) putting something out, Was there a plan there?  Was there some thought there?  Let’s A, B, the songs.

Guns:  Well there was an after thought, it wasn’t a forethought.  There wasn’t like an intention of, hey…

Trunk:  So you didn’t write the song for that purpose?

Guns:  Right, Right, but it’s like, now after hearing the quality (of the Riley version’s song “Crawl”), look, music speaks for itself man, do you know what I mean?  After I heard the song that they put out I’m not very angry anymore (laughs), an L.A. Guns song without a guitar solo?  That’s a new one! (laughs) Stuff like that, so, yeah, I’m being real honest about it, I heard that, we had the song setting here and I wanted people to hear it anyways so a lot of people just kinda snickered about it like, like you (Eddie Trunk) just snickered about it (laughs), it’s like, hey, here’s junior, ok, ok, here comes the truck.    


On The Topic of L.A. Guns touring and doing meet and greets after the Coronavirus:

Trunk: What’s your thoughts about getting back out on the road, what are you and the band thinking right now?

Guns: We can’t think anything, I have like three levels of thought ya know.  One, oh my god, I’m gonna run out of money and my life’s going to explode.  But beyond that, I think that’s the initial feeling of every American at this point but as far as the reality of touring, let’s say certain areas say, ok, we are opening back up, and ok, that’s great and wonderful but if nobodies working nobody has money to buy tickets so it’s like, ok, it’s open, but people don’t have jobs and their not going to spend twenty five bucks to see L.A. Guns when they can’t afford a cheeseburger, ya know?  That’s reality that people don’t really think of in our business because everybody’s thinking, oh, everybody wants entertainment but if people can’t afford entertainment then YouTube is still free and people aren’t going to cut their internet off to go see a concert.  (laughs). That’s reality.  That’s the other thing, we do have a lot of dates booked, I see them coming in every day and most of them are around the end out August and into the new years.  Of course I hope by some miracle that everything gets to some point of normal but I don’t know what that is (laughs), but it would be nice if everything was safe but number one, I don’t want to carry the virus and cough in the front row and get somebody sick who’s really susceptible and has a bad immune system, and I certainly don’t want to catch it from shaking someone’s hand on accident at a show and it’s just as simple as that.  You can die if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, ya know, you don’t step out in front of a bus, don’t go out in a hot spot to a rock concert (laughs).  Don’t do it.  

(Trunk then asked Tracii about doing Meet and Greets)

That was the first thing that went down on our schedule.  As soon as this went down, before any shows were canceled the meet and greets were canceled.  It was like, hey, all of the dates are still on and everything is going forward but these meet and greet things, that’s dangerous and yes, we don’t want to shake anybodies hand, we don’t want to breath on, and that whole thing, and it was bizarre.  


When asked if Tracii was planning legal action against the Riley version of L.A. Guns:

Trunk: How are you guys framing that entire situation right now, are you going to attempt to solidify this and make them stop, are there battles going on over, or are you back to the point where the fans will decide and figure it out, I mean obviously you’re going to make sure that everybody knows this band, your band, you and Phil (Lewis) are the singer and guitar player.  In there defense, I know that even though they are using the same name they are putting the line up under the logo in the ads that I've seen.  What are your thoughts on it?  How are you going to deal with it this time around?  

Guns:  I’m going for blood and you know it!  (laughs). You know as well as I do what’s going on right now (laughs)

Trunk: What do you want to say publicly?

Guns:  There’s not much I can say publicly.  In the litigation phase of what’s about to go down.  

Trunk: So you will say publicly that you are going after them (Riley’s L.A. Guns)?

Guns: That’s public record.  Every rock n roll lawyer in the world has made comments about the case in other forums that you and I are not involved in.  I’m cool (laughs). Things are alright.  It’s expensive and I hate to say that I won’t get a return on it but it’s worth the money. 

Author: Bob Suehs