May 19, 2020

Metallica - 8/12/1983

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Metro, Chicago, Illinois

August 12, 1983


Set List:  Hit The Lights, The Four Horsemen, Jump In The Fire, Phantom Lord, No Remorse, (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth, Whiplash, Seek & Destroy, Guitar Solo, Metal Militia

  This vintage concert from Metallica was featured as a free offering via the bands official YouTube page for one week (May 18th - 25th).

  The performances of “No Remorse” and “Metal Militia” were part of the Metallica home video “Cliff ‘Em All” and the entire show was later released via the bands deluxe boxset for “Kill ‘em All”.

  This rare gem featured an intro by Mr. Lars Ulrich.  Lars detailed how Kirk and him  were  19 years old in the performance while James had just turned 20, and Cliff was the oldest member at 21 years of age.  Lars apologized for the video and audio limitations but in all honesty this video is an amazing documentation of the band doing what they do best.


  This show was from the “Kill ‘Em All For One” tour and Metallica were opening for classic metal act Raven.

 Old school Metallica was full of piss and vinegar and this performance offers a glimpse into the bands past with a set which features only “Kill ‘Em All” era classics.

 Kirk’s guitar cuts out during solos, James’ guitar is out of tune quite a bit, and Lars looks like a child behind the drum kit.  The charm of watching Metallica cut their teeth onstage is inspirational and when you watch this performance it’s easy to see how the band’s sound was equal parts punk energy, N.W.O.B.H.M. sound, and straight up metal.

 James tells the crowd how they wanted to call “Kill ‘Em All” Metal Up Your Ass, the twin Gibson Flying V attack is in full effect, and undeniably Cliff Burton is the bands secret weapon; the man bangs his head harder than Geezer Butler from Sabbath while playing bass riffs that sound like guitar riffs.

 The saddest part of this concert is the first three songs being soundless; the video starts in the middle of “Jump In The Fire” for this reason.  

 James intros the song “No Remorse” by saying that this one will kill all the fake people and posers out there.  During “Metal Militia” James tosses out a vinyl copy of “Kill ‘Em All” but the record is clearly destroyed by fans fighting over it.

 During Kirks guitar solo his guitar gets pulled into the crowd and security have to rescue it from fans fighting over it.  The guitar eventually makes it’s way back to the stage but appears to have suffered a little damage.  The back of his guitar was covered in tape; supposedly the tape was placed on his guitar to prevent it from sliding on his spandex pants.  

 Metallica have been giving fans a different concert every week since the USA Coronavirus quarantine situation started and this particular show has been the oldest (as of this article writing 5/19/20) offering thus far.

  Metallica's next live onstage performance is slated for September 12, 2020 in San Francisco, California at the Second Annual "All Within My Hands Helping Hands Concert & Auction" taking place at The Masonic.  Details coming soon!

Sirius XM has a limited edition Mandatory Metallica channel available for the month of May, 2020.  The channel features music from the bands entire catalog as well as rare concert material.

The band gave fans a new take on an old classic when they posted via their official YouTube page an updated version of the classic song "Blackened" from the bands fourth release, "...And Justice For All".  The new version features James on acoustic guitar and the arrangement is mellower than the original.



Author: Bob Suehs