May 19, 2020

Highly Suspect & Bauhaus show cancellations

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Highly Suspect released a statement regarding their current tour being cancelled and they explained how they are looking out for their fans best interested.  Their statement reads:

"yo so I feel like a lot of people that hold tickets think we have their money right now which is not the case. That’s not how it’s works. We don’t get paid until we perform. This being said we were really hoping that by now there would be some clear answer as to when normal life would resume but the truth is we don’t. No one does. We have asked the promoters and ticket sellers to just cancel the tour instead of postponing the dates because times are hard up as fuck right now. For everyone. Including us. And we don’t want you to think we have your money, nor do we want to tie it up any longer with the people that do, waiting on a vaccine so.. I’m gonna let admin take it from here. You’ll have instructions on how to get refunds from your vendors within the next 24 hrs."

"When live shows return again, We hope to have a brand new album, and a brand new tour and if by then you can’t afford to come, well at least we will all know that we’ve done OUR best not to tie up your money. This is the right move. It’s the correct move. It’s our choice and I hope that our fans, the industry , ticket industry, promoters, venues etc can understand that anything less than offering the option of a full refund would be robbery at this point."

expressed with love and optimism for brighter days.


In related tour cancellation news 80's goth icons Bauhaus released a statement:

Featuring Peter Murphy, Daniel Ash,
Kevin Haskins and David J

About The Live Performances

Dear friends of Bauhaus, 

Due to the pandemic, we are now entering a challenging phase when many listed shows will be labeled "postponed." We are however, looking at alternative dates for these performances. This situation is unprecedented and incredibly dynamic with a continually moving target.

We, the band and our team are working diligently to establish new time frames for the concerts, please note - "where possible" original tickets will remain valid for the new dates.

We thank you for your continued patience

Please keep safe and we look forward so very much to playing again as soon as it is possible to do so. Please keep an eye on all relevant sites and outlets for further and imminent announcements. 


Motley Crue's Stadium tour has slowly started postponing show dates; the new dates will be for the  Summer of 2021.  An official statement is expected soon.


Author: Bob Suehs