Jun 9, 2020

Tommy Shaw on Damn Yankees reunion 6/9/20

Category: Live Reviews

Eddie Trunk spoke to Tommy Shaw on his Sirius XM radio show, June 9, 2020.  Trunk rounded out the interview by asking Tommy about the possibility of a Damn Yankees reunion and Tommy stated:

 “Well, we never broke up.  We never did a farewell tour, I mean we may have done one now, I mean who knows (laughs) but, no, we are all still best of friends and we will probably start doing zoom chats now, somebody has a birthday or a holiday or something and somebody will start a thread and everybody will be on it and we’ll all just say hi, love ya, and saying dumb shit too each other and so who knows.  It’s hard because with Styx we work so much, and to do that it would be putting them out of work for a while so it’s a tough one but every once in a while we do end up on the same stage."

 "We could always do more, I don’t think you could ever put a button on any of the members of Damn Yankees, who knows.  Never say never though.  We have not said never."



Author: Bob Suehs