Jun 9, 2020

Paul Stanley tells Twitter follower "F*ck Off!"

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KISS frontman Paul Stanley had quite an interesting evening on his Twitter account on the night of June 9, 2020.

Paul posted a politically charged post about President Trump which stated,

“To Have the President of The United States spewing this lunacy is more frightening than despicable.  WE are better than this.  In case some of you didn’t hear previous ones, consider this your wake up call." (actual post is below)


Paul deleted the post an hour after it was posted and wrote,

“I have taken down my most recent tweet purely because I see it can never be the source of true conversation or exchange of views. Rather than incite a situation where there can be no real “back and forth” I hope everyone finds clarity for their views, lives morally and votes!” (Actual post is below)

Fans were in an uproar over Paul’s decision to pull the post.  Among those who chimed in was Mike Portnoy

Mike replied to the tweet:

“Your post was 1000% spot-on Paul. Its absolute insanity what this man (Donald Trump) tweets…completely void of any human compassion whatsoever…just a despicable human being."

Portnoy got into it with a fan in regards to President Trump. Portnoy said, “if you’d like to be “spared of my nonsense”, why do you follow me? Feel free to unfollow ANY time!”.

After a few posts back and forth things calmed down and Portnoy’s final comment on the matter was, “That’s a better attitude there...My initial post and reaction was about my feelings about somebody else...no need for you to be mean and attack ME for my opinion of somebody else...(“you entertainers spare us of your nonsense”) I have an opinion as do you...no need to be mean”

Most fans were in support of Paul’s opinions on President Trump with a few rogue followers who had negative words for Mr. Stanley’s post.  One particular post enraged Paul.

 A poster by the handle “Anthony Johnson” wrote:

“This self appointed full time motivational speaker role you've taken upon yourself is getting real pretentious. Just keep it real. You know, the reason why we all used to love and relate to you.”

Paul replied back:

“Gonna “keep it real” so you can “relate” to me. Ready?... Fuck off.”

(Actual post below)

In the comment thread Danko Jones and BulletBoys chimed in:

Danko Jones posted: “Screw All of Them, Paul!” #TeamPaul


BulletBoys posted: “Whoa!!! No Play on words there!  Weeeee!!!"



Author: Bob Suehs