Jun 25, 2020

Early Ray (Wednesday 13 related)

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Rayen “Kid Kid” Belchere is best known as the touring bassist for Wednesday 13; he toured with W-13 for the “Transylvania 90210: Songs of Death, Dying, and The Dead” record and during that tour they performed at the Download Festival and opened for Alice Cooper.

 Belchere was also involved in the recording process for the second W-13 record “Fang Bang” but was replaced by Murderdolls guitarist Eric Griffin.

 Rayen left Wednesday 13 and went back to his country fried roots.  He would later work with Wednesday 13 on an outlaw country project entitled Bourbon Crow.  13 and Rayen changed their names to Buck Bourbon and Jessie Crow for this project.  Bourbon Crow’s first record was entitled “Highway to Hangovers” but they did not tour until their second record, “Long Way To The Bottom” came out.

 More recently Rayen joined Wednesday 13 on his career encompassing solo acoustic tour.  When 13 and company performed in Baltimore Rayen performed a solo rendition of Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home” which sets up this article quite nicely because Rayen’s current venture is a Shit kickin’, country fried, hard rock explosion simply called “

 Flash forward to 2020, Rayen Belchere has a new project he’s working and it’s technically not a “new” project since he’s been doing it for 10 years.  The band is aptly titled “Early Ray” and the music is an ode to hard rock, hair metal, and hell raiser’s like Hank Williams Sr, Jr, and the 3rd!

 Early Ray’s new single is a take on the classic Warrant song “Cherry Pie” and it’s called “Apple Pie”.  The lyrics have been altered to add a southern style, the vocals are twangy, and there’s banjo and fiddle…this is straight up modern country with all of the hard rock cliche’s which defined the genre.

 Belchere’s Facebook profile states that his influences are:  Kiss, Hank Sr, Little Richard, Cat Stevens, Motley Crue, Sinatra, Kimya Dawson, and that explains how his music sounds.  He lists his interests as: “Inspiring the world to make babies.”.

 His bio reads “Rayen Belchere - The Singer/Songwriter love child of Little Richard,& Ric Flair. Quirky songs about lovin, & not having lovin, basically baby makin music!”

 For the new video, “Apple Pie” Billy Morris (Former Warrant guitarist) plays lead guitar and also appears in the video along with Bobbie Brown (Former wife of Jani Lane)

 Rayen had a friendship with Jani Lane and this song is clearly a tribute his fallen friend.

 Rayen hails from Rock Hill South Carolina  and has been doing this project since 2010.  

 Early Ray/Rayen Belchere is managed by TUFF frontman Stevie Rachelle.

Hopefully Early Ray will tour in 2021 once the world has gone back to normal!

Check out Early Ray's Warrant cover below:

“Where The Wild Things Are” A Dancing bunny man and pretty girls.

THE ANTHEM (GNR) “We gonna stomp a mud hole in dat ass!”

GO BIG OR GO HOME (AC/DC inspired!)

"Home Sweet Home" with Wednesday 13 at the Sidebar in Baltimore 2017

Author: Bob Suehs