Aug 25, 2020

Zakk Sabbath, Dokken

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Initially this release was to be a limited edition record with only 500 copies being produced.  The pre-sale sold out very fast and the record was supposed to be released on February 13, 2020 in honor of the first Black Sabbath record turning 50.  The decision was eventually made to release this record worldwide and there will be no streaming/online release for it, it will be on hard copy (CD/Vinyl) only!

 This record was recorded live in the studio in a 24 hour session which was also documented on film and that footage comes in the cd/dvd hardcover book version of this release.

 Zakk Sabbath is Zakk Wylde on vocals/guitar, Blasko (Ozzy Osbourne/Rob Zombie) on bass, and Joey Castillo (Danzig/Queens of the Stoneage) on drums.

 The record starts out just as the Sabbath version’s did with pouring rain and a church bell sounds as the hellfire that is “Black Sabbath” delivers sludgy power chords that accent Zakk’s very Ozzy-like vocals.

 Don’t expect any huge changes with the Zakk Sabbath version of Sabbath’s debut release.  There are some extended solo’s and Zakk decorates this record with his distinct guitar wizardry all while keeping the core of what “Black Sabbath” was in tact.

 This five track record is short yet packs a lot of punch.  “The Wizard” sounds amazing and in reality there are more than five songs on this release because “Wasp/Behind The Walls of Sleep/Bassically/N.I.B.” is a 10+ minute track that's essentially three songs pieced together.

 “Wicked World” is a killer jam and the band proves how well they groove and gel on this one.

 If you are reading this review you are probably a Zakk Wylde/Black Sabbath fan and if that’s the case you already know what to expect with this release, Zakk and company are not reinventing the wheel they are simply paying homage to the awesomeness that is Black Sabbath’s first record!  

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“The Lost Songs: 1978 - 1981”

 This record shines light on Don Dokken’s early years before Dokken broke big.  These songs vary in quality and the opening track “Step Into The Light” sounds slightly like “Burning Like A Flame”.

 “Day After Day” is a slow one that shows another side to Dokken.  The track was released previously in 1979 on a German released bootleg titled “Back In The Streets”.

 Interesting side note, all of the tracks from the “Back In The Streets” record are included on this new release and it’s the first time that Don will see financial gain from these songs since they were released without his consent on that bootleg release.

 Ratt bassist Juan Croucier performs on several tracks alongside drummer Greg Pecka.  Other musicians that perform on this record include George Lynch, Mick Brown, Bill Lordan, Rustee Allen, Gary Holland, and Greg Leon.  Ironically Jeff Pilson does not appear on this record.

 “No Answer” and “Rainbows” are stand out George Lynch tracks on this record and feature his trademark shredding.

 This record is a fun audio snapshot of how Don Dokken started and you can hear how he grew as a singer, songwriter, and overall rockstar.  You can hear 70’s influences mixed with 80’s metal; this is Dokken struggling to get noticed amongst the sea of Sunset Strip bands and this record displays how hungry Don was to get his band off the ground.

Author: Bob Suehs