Oct 4, 2020

The Great Kat, Corey Taylor

Category: CD/Video Reviews



"666 Halloween Mashup"

 Tis the season of the witch, the month for mayhem, and the hallowed month of Halloween; The Great Kat has released an epic EP entitled “666 Halloween Mashup” which is essentially a 7:06 minute track that embodies the essence of Halloween.

 Spooky noises, neo classic guitar/violin shred, vocal samples that sound like witches doing incantations, moments of torture, and macabre sounds of Hell coming to life.

 The Great Kat is a classically trained shred monster and this EP is a lot of fun to listen to.  Check it out and more at:  www.greatkat.com



“Forum or Against ‘em” 

HWY 666, Meine Lux, Halfway Down, Silverfish, Shakir’ (Eddie Money Cover), Song #3 (Stone Sour), Everybody Dies On My Birthday, Snuff (Slipknot), Taciturn (Stone Sour), Culture Head, The Maria Fire, Home, Zzyzx Rd. (Stone Sour), All This and More (Dead Boys cover), Already Gone (Eagles cover), Kansas, Black Eyes Blue, Samantha’s Gone, Through Glass (Stone Sour), ENCORE:  On The Dark Side (John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band cover), Bother (Stone Sour), European Tour Bus Bathroom Song, CMFT Must Be Stopped/Watchin’ You (KISS cover)


Corey Taylor released his debut solo record on October 2, 2020 and in celebration of that release Taylor and his solo band offered fans a live pay-per-view stream pre-recorded at the Forum in California.

 The concert featured Taylor performing his entire debut solo record alongside a few Stone Sour tracks, one Slipknot song, and five cover songs.

 The production and sound for this stream were impressive and this show marked the first time most of this material had ever been performed live onstage.

 “Shakin’” by Eddie Money was a nice surprised performed early in the set and it was followed by “Song #3” by Stone Sour.

 “Snuff” was a dark moment in the set and brought the vibe down just a bit but tracks like “Culture Head” and “The Maria Fire” raised the energy levels high once more.

 “Home” was dedicated to Corey’s wife and featured Corey solo on piano.

 “All This and More” originally performed by The Dead Boys was a lean slab of punk rock fury and it was followed up the The Eagle’s “Already Gone” which sounded absolutely amazing!

 “Samantha’s Gone” sounded strong and was followed by “Through Glass” which closed the first set.  

 Corey’s encore was a four and 1/2 song set which started with “On The Dark Side” best known from the movie “Eddie and the Cruisers”.  “European Tour Bus Bathroom Song” was a fast punk rocker and the last song of the night was the first single from Corey’s new record, “CMFT Must Be Stopped” and what made this version special was how they chopped out all of the guest hip hop moments and added a cover of KISS’s “Watching You” which rocked hard!

 Corey and his solo band killed it and this was definitely one of the best live streams made available during these pandemic times.

Author: Bob Suehs