Nov 1, 2020

Mr Bungle / Bruce Kulick - Halloween

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On Halloween Nights, 2020 there were many options for the rock fan to stream online since the real deal, in person parties and trick or treating was pretty much cancelled due to Covid.  

 On Facebook there was a KISS auction that featured Bruce Kulick auctioning off some of his KISS collection.  Bruce and his wife Lisa offered fans vintage shirts, tour books, and blinged out art by Bruce’s wife Lisa.  The most interesting part of the auction was when Bruce decided to offer fans a hat and panties he obtained from the Merch table at a 90’s KISS tour.  At one point Bruce joked that the panties could be worn as a Covid mask and proceeded to put the panties on his head like a mask.  The highest priced item was an autographed Eric Carr photo with Lisa blinged out Eric Carr artwork which fetched $1,100 and the proceeds of that purchase went to the St. Jude’s Charity.  Bruce told the crowd that Eric Carr always made it a point to visit there and that donation was made in Eric’s honor.

 Between auction items Bruce pulled out his guitar and played riffs from “Domino”, “Tears are Falling”, “Crazy Nights”, etc., and Bruce was dressed as a doctor since it was Halloween.  Most Kulick shirts sold for around $200 and Bruce offered a Certificate of Authenticity as well as a photo with the items.  If fans wished to have the items autographed Bruce did that at no charge as well.


 The best live show stream on Halloween night was definitely the Mr. Bungle live stream which offered fans a solid 90 minute set as well as some spoken word before the show and pre-show interviews with the band members.




Eureka Main Library

Eureka, California

 Set List:  Won’t You Be My Neighbor, Anarchy Up Your Anus, Raping My Mind, Bungle Grind, Methematics, Hell Awaits (Slayer Instrumental cover), Summer Breeze (Seals & Croft cover), Eracist, Glutton for Punishment, Hypocrites, Speak English of Die (S.O.D. cover), Spreading The Thighs of Death, Loss For Words (Corrosion of Conformity cover), Sudden Death, ENCORE:  Tora! Tora! (Van Halen cover), Loss of Control (Van Halen cover)



 Mike Patton delivered one of the best performances of his career during this Mr. Bungle performance that featured the bands entire catalog alongside a few choice covers.

 During the Seals & Croft cover of “Summer Breeze” Patton changed the lyrics during the 2nd verse and it was a funny little x-rated surprise for those who listened close.

 The opener was a cover of the Mr. Rogers theme song and the cover tracks during this show were interesting surprises.  There was a partial cover of Slayer’s “Hell Awaits” due to Mr. Dave Lombardo being the bands drummer and “Speak English or Die” sang in Spanish was a nod to rhythm guitarist Scott Ian’s side project Storm Troopers of Death.

 Between each song a random guest spoke; Buzz from The Melvins, Josh from Queens of The Stone Age, Henry Rollins, and  Brian Posehn were amongst those guests.

 Before starting their encore Mike Patton said, “Do you want to hear a Van Halen tribute?”  This led to the band performing a two song encore/tribute to fallen guitar icon Eddie Van Halen. “Tora! Tora!” was fast, intense, and to the point.  “Loss of Control” is a deep cut and an amazing way to end their show.


Author: Bob Suehs